White House Confuses Hillary Clinton With Sex Worker

That’s Hillary. Mrs. Clinton if you’re nasty.

Yesterday, in what is the latest in a long, hard series of bungles by the White House, reporters who called for an “on-the-record briefing call with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton” were offered the opportunity to provide a credit card if they felt like “getting nasty.”

According to Fox News, the White House distributed an email to the press announcing a conference call, but included the number for a phone sex line rather than the conference call number. Asked for comment White House Press Secretary Bill Burton said the mistake was “one of the stupider things FOX News has covered lately.” I couldn’t agree more Bill, it is one of the stupid things Obama’s administration has done lately and that the press has subsequently covered or, as in this case, not covered.

This may sound cliché at this point, but fantasize with me for moment. Imagine that this conference call had been scheduled for Condi Rice. Are you there with me, baby? You’re calling for Condi and you get Candi? The press would have gone NUTS. Bush would have been bound, gagged, and whipped for it over the course of days. It would have been a press orgy and, what’s more, the one-time thing would have come back to haunt the Bush team for years after. Every time they sent out a press release about Condi … oh, they’d stick with their own phone numbers, sure. But everyone would remember the other number. From that one time. It would be awkward.

But when this happens on Obama’s watch, only Fox covers it and, when they do, the official response from the White House essentially amounts to “**** you, sweetie.”

You know, someone earlier today pointed out that competence matters, and so it does. But The One has been anything but competent. His administration is fumbling around like it’s prom night and the zipper is stuck. They are new to everything, and they just keep awkwardly getting it wrong. Gift gaffes, tax cheats, you name it. Friendly countries are looking at us with wry, often disapproving smirks that say “first time?” And unfriendly countries are licking their lips and making sure the windowless white van has a full tank of gas.

This isn’t the Age of Obama, it’s the coming of age of Obama, and his pubescent growing pains are pon farr-like in their sudden, lurching, excruciating overtness. It is as disconcerting as it is embarrassing.

But look, hey, don’t get depressed. If you’re feeling down, if you need a pick-me-up, or maybe you just want to escape the Obama reality for a bit, just call the Hillary Clinton Hotline. Look, politicians whisper lies in your ear all the time. The only difference with a sex line is the per-minute cost is dramatically less.

– Caleb Howe, Redstate.com