Open Thread: Live on the Ed Morrissey Show

Today’s Ed Morrissey Show features special guest Congressman Eric Cantor.

Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Andrew Malcolm returns in his new Tuesday slot to discuss media and politics. In the second half, Rep. Eric Cantor joins us to talk about Barack Obama’s economic policies. We’ll also have Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe debate the videotape allegedly depicting Joe Biden’s adult daughter using drugs. Legitimate news story, or irrelevant political attack? We’ll go into bonus minutes to find out! We’ll also talk about Keith Olbermann and Twitter, Caleb’s exclusive look into the anchor’s hypocrisy on social networking.

You can find my Olbermann story here, Erick on Biden here, Ed on Biden here, and Tommy on Biden here. You can watch live and participate below the fold.

Note: WP won’t recognize AUTOPLAY=FALSE in Ustream vids. To catch the show visit Ed’s story.