Fun With Journolist

Olbermann Youre doing it wrong
Oh my gosh, the funny in that Kaus article is writing checks my keyboard can’t cash. I think I’m having a snarkeurysm. Let’s snip out some choice Olbermann tidbits hmm?

Matthew Yglesias: I also read on TNR.com today that Jonah Goldberg, who believes that everyone on this list is a fascist, is “good-humored,” while Keith Olbermann’s work is best analogized to Glenn Beck or Michael Savage.

Ed Kilgore: To be fair, Cottle was writing about self-styled Pundit Types, not making comparative judgments of worth. I actually don’t think Olbermann much ever achieves the heights of hysteria routinely maintained by the well-named Savage, but the pretence [sic] by some of us admirers of Keith that he’s a paragon of reasoned discourse is a bit much, too.
[ed. snicker]

Jonathan Chait: Perhaps, if his work is going to be brought up here 2 or 3 times a week, he should be invited on the list. Or is the point of this to create a forum where certain people can be criticized (or, more precisely, called names) without the criticizer having to fear a response?

Jesse Singal: Everyone I know who likes Olbermann also acknowledge that he is egomaniacal [sic] and has a penchant for hysterical drama. The main difference, which is glaringly left out by anyone who conflates him with the Savages and O’Reillys of the world, is that Olbermann doesn’t tend to, you know, lie about stuff regularly.

[ed. hysterical chuckling]

Michael Cohen: Personally, I find Olbermann insufferable, but I’m not sure I buy the comparison.

Believe when I say it is painful cutting out all the other hilarious text. But I must leave them for others to mock. And still, sigh, where to begin?

How about the explicit admission that they’ve all been lying their butts off about the list not being for the bigwig media? They debate letting sometime anchor Olbermann on, who once hilariously told The View gals that he doesn’t vote so he can retain his journalistic impartiality. I know, I’m choking to death on my Perrier as we speak.

But better than their exposing themselves by considering putting Olby on the list is the fact that NO ONE WANTS HIM ANWAY!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh I just want to wrap that fact into some tinfoil with bacon and green peppers and grill it up, put a touch of Tabasco on it, and savor it over a long meal with a glass of red wine and opera on the radio. In fact, I may do that.

They point out his name comes up 2 or 3 times a week. We don’t have copies of those emails, but I think it’s safe to assume the words insufferable, ranting, and perhaps “garden variety” appear a number of times.

Of course, Keith already tried to play off his and Markos’ dissed status last week when the original story broke, so I can only imagine what he’ll have to say this time. I imagine that, in addition to a number of camera angles, the segment will involve a gruffly muttered statement about how he’s quite too busy for such a stupid little list anyway.

Ahh, Keithy Keithy Keith. Considering my earlier story, this one’s for you pal: