Live on the Ed Morrissey Show

Last week I spoke with Ed Morrissey and Jim Geraghty about journolist and Keith Olbermann. Today I’ll be on the air again with fellow Political Machine writer Tommy Christopher, to debate among other topics, Star Trek! Christopher will be taking the position that only Star Trek: TOS “counts” whereas I’ll be talking reality. Also on the slate: TOTUS.

From Hot Air:

In the second half, we cross the aisle and go back again with Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe, the liberal-conservative tag team from AOL’s Political Machine. We’ll talk about whether the TOTUS gag is fair or not, Barney Frank’s accusation of homophobia against Antonin Scalia, and whether having Star Trek interior decor means never being able to reproduce again.

Show starts at 3PM. Click below the fold to watch, live or archive. The important thing to know is that I won.