Open Thread: Slogan Selection Committee Transcript

So you knew about the final five, which we mocked here. But could you have predicted the winner?

You know, the inquisitively sarcastic sentence “Seriously?” is thrown around a lot these days, but … wow.

How did this happen? Let’s find out:

Dateline: Washington, DC. Super Secret Meeting of the Slogan Selecting Committee, division of League of American Memo Experts, an organ of the DNC dedicated to producing and controlling memos, propaganda, and the annual “Inclusive Non-Denominational Holiday Celebration and non-Christian Religious Awareness Day”, the most off-the-hook sensitivity outreach in all of late-December.

Background for transcript: The slogan “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure” has just been nominated as overall winner.

Stan: .. Because his name is Rush! Right? And he said Fail that one time, remember?

Bob: That’s a great point, Stan.

Jen: Stan you’re so clever I never thought of that.

KosKid: brah! I thought it was like, from failblog.

Jen: What’s failblog?

KosKid: Wha … ? Dude, look at that slogan. It’s like … moving.

Jen: Yes, I’m quite touched by it as well. It speaks to me.

KosKid: No seriously dude, it’s like, coming right at me!

Bob: Are we sure we don’t want to go with the actual winners?

Group: No Bob!

Jen: Bob, we really can’t fit the eff word that many times on a sign for one thing. For another thing, I don’t even know who chimpy mcbushitler …

KosKid: CHIMPY! ha ha ha dude, look at that slogan. Did it just grow?

Jen: … chimpy even is. And the runner up doesn’t even make sense. Rush Lied, People Died? How did that get submitted 1200 times?

KosKid: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Jen: I know right?

KosKid: No I was just thinking about grape ape. Ha ha. He’s purple.

Stan: I say we go with Rush to failure. It’s funny. It’s up with there with “Are You Gellin” “Jefferton Alive” and “I Got Lance In My Pants” as slogans go. It’s funny!

Jen: You’re so right Stan. I wish I had your understanding of humor.

Stan: Well, I do watch the Jon Stewart.

KosKid: Dude, that’s not … that’s a news show man.

Stan: … no, I know.

Jen: Good point … err what’s your name?

KosKid: I go by my username. repugsaretehsuk37

Jen: Ok, it’s decided. We’ll put up a billboard in Rush’s hometown that says “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure.” Because it’s super cool and funny and not lame.


Jen: So .. anyone know where he lives?

KosKid: Seriously? I heard he has a castle? In Transylvania? Where him and Darth Cheney and Scumsfeld eat babies for breakfast and don’t recycle anything. That stuff happens man, Vis has foreseen it.

Stan: No, no, he lives in Rio Linda …

They had to cut the meeting short there. Everyone had Obama campaign rallies (yes, they still do those) to organize, taxes to hike, abortions to get to, and the press to control. The life of a Democrat is busy.

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UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has a response slogan here. Heh.

Still, I think we all know what the sign REALLY means to say:

– Caleb Howe