Tea Partiers - Spread The Word

It seems the idea of the Tea Party rallies is really catching on (see here, here, here, here, and for some good advice, here). Conservatives and concerned Americans making their voices heard is a great thing. One can only assume there are Redstaters and loyal readers among those who have had it with the government mortgaging our future.

An important part of protests and rallies is expressing the message fully and properly. Say what you are there for, what you stand for, and most importantly, what you are there to stand against. To that end, I’ve prepared some materials that anyone is free to download and print for use. Click through to download the PDFs.

Now obviously these aren’t for everyone. For one thing, it’s much easier to paint your own sign. Three big words in bright red marker and you’re done. This is for something a little different and more branded. Not everyone will use them, but there are there for the taking.

The PDFs are sized for an 18×24 sign but you should be able to print at smaller sizes in high quality. Windows users, right click on the graphic and select “Save Target As …” or “Save Link As …” to download the file. Mac users … go to the store and buy a computer. 😉

Keep in mind these are LARGE pdf files. They will take some time to download. Also, if it looks like you have a small jpg instead of a large pdf, you saved the image rather than the pdf. Make sure you don’t inadvertently select ‘Save Image As …’

1. FAIL! That’s right, like Rush Limbaugh and Erick Erickson, I’m hoping that President Obama is unable to enact his agenda. Like you, I want to see his recreating of the United States in his own image put to a stop. If that’s the message you want to share, please feel free to use the below sign graphic:

2. I AM NOT A LINE ITEM! The famous Don’t Tread On Me from the Gadsden Flag. Snake in the flags original yellow or in plain white to save ink.

3. PORK!!!!!! Inspired by Michelle Malkin, featuring Chuck “the American people don’t care about pork” Schumer as history’s most famously out of touch aristocrat, Marie Antoinette. (Can I just add, doing a photo fake at 18×24 inches is exceedingly annoying. The JPG is obviously considerably reduced so the quality will be diminished below. PDF version is obviously not reduced, so should print well.)

4. Ok Redstate Army, this last one is for you.
This is a FLYER, not a sign. It’s 8×10 so you can print out on standard paper and hand out. If you’re going to a tea party, do some recruiting!

That’s all for now, but there may be more to come if we have a positive response. I welcome additional suggestions.

If you use any Redstate signage, PLEASE take photos and post them in the comments. We’d love to see it! Oh, and if you aren’t in the RedState Army of activists yet …