Helen Thomas: We're Just As Bad As Terrorists

Tommy Christopher (yes, seriously) asked Helen Thomas today about her oft-repeated phrase “so-called terrorists”. Here’s what she had to say:


“Their tactics are horrible, but so are ours.

What is there to add to that? Helen’s own words I guess.

“I’m a liberal, I was born a liberal, I’ll be one ’til I die, what else should a reporter be when you see so much and when we have such great privilege and access to the truth?”

Yep, that fits. (UPDATE below the fold.)

Update – Ed Morrissey at Hot Air adds:

Caleb Howe, a conservative at Red State who partners with Tommy on projects and events, chalks this up to Thomas’ liberalism, but I think that lets her off the hook. Plenty of liberals don’t buy into the nutty moral equivalency of terrorists who target civilians for political purposes and the people who fight the terrorists hiding among the civilians. Mostly that comes from the lunatic Left, the International ANSWER and World Can’t Wait quasi-Stalinists and terrorist apologists. I’d include Michael Moore, who argued that al-Qaeda in Iraq were the modern-day equivalents to the Minutemen of the American Revolution, who also made their argument by blowing up carriages with huge bombs buried in the streets and beheaded civilian engineers that they kidnapped from the British … at least according to Moore.

Update II from Jeff Emanuel:

Also, Thomas’ permanent front row seat in the WH briefing room legitimizes that loony left Ed refers to as both acceptable and “mainstream.”

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