RootsHQ 2009 Announced

This September, Tennessee will host a one-of-a-kind new event for right of center online activists. In other words, for people like we Redstaters. RootsHQ 2009 is going to be a way for all of us who blog, twitter, facebook, digg, and generally reach across the web with conservative and free-market ideas, to explore the future of online activism on the right.

As online activists, we blog, we network, we organize, and we generate ideas and excitement. This environment, as we have all learned, is a new and absolutely vital part of grassroots organization and mobilization going forward.

Now we have a chance to share our ideas and experiences, and to design our path ahead. We are right online, we are the right online, and we are going to talk about doing it right, online. RootsHQ is a tremendous opportunity for networking and planning. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

Social media, new media technology, internet marketing, search engine optimization, collaborative information movements and NOW media are all on the agenda for RootsHQ 2009. We’ll have some of the brightest minds of the right on hand to dig deep into each topic, and you’ll be invited to take part in the conversation as we explore ways to further the free-market movement online.

The closing event will feature the must-see presentation “State of the Right Online” presented by Erick Erickson. You may have heard of him? Saul Anuzis is a confirmed speaker, along with Mike Krempasky, Eric Odom, and even Caleb Howe (aw garsh). There will be a special video presentation by stimulus-battle rock star, Congressman Eric Cantor.

September 18th and 19th, the place to be for the online right is Nashville, Tennessee. Well quit dawdling! Click on the image and get your early bird pricing!

Update: If you plan to attend let everyone know in the comments, as Moe Lane, bs and EPU have done. Dudes! Moe. Lane. Sign up now!