Jake Tapper Cleans Robert Gibbs' Clock

No words. Should … have sent … a poet.


You know, the phrase “bwa ha ha ha” is thrown around a lot these days …

Seriously, that was game, set, and match. Gibbs’ stuttering and stumbling is already becoming the stuff of buffoon legend. This wasn’t even the only such moment in the grueling press conference today. When repeatedly challenged on what the President means by reaching across the aisle on stimulus while rejecting all Republican ideas, Gibbs literally has no answer. He merely replies.

The best part is that Gibbs and Obama are getting hammered on things that they claim as their sovereign ground, like transparency, bipartisanship, lobbyists. And all by the mainstream press that was a complicit Obama campaign ally.

Gibbs is the perfect guy for this job, really. When he stutters, stumbles, has no answer, or simply flat tries to get out of something … well it’s just pitch perfect representation of the Obama administration, now isn’t it?