DIRECTV "You Deserve Better"

DIRECTV has an ad campaign out, “You Deserve Better,” that is, true to form, pretty funny. It stars Jonathan Michael Higgins and Ed Begley Jr. (you heard me) as cable company executives who are flummoxed by DIRECTV’s successes. In each commercial, they address some fantastic deal or feature of DIRECTV, and then Higgins presents some outlandish way for the cable company to address it.

For example, in answer to the satellite company’s plethora of HD channels, Higgins’ character suggests that they “whip up some numbers that make it look like we have, like, I don’t know, a thousand HD channels.” In another commercial they come up with bikini cable installers. Higgins has some hilarious tag lines like “blog it out” and in one particularly funny commercial, he discusses the sports packages, which include “Cornerback Wednesday” (“If they’re late on their bill, we take a corner off the picture, and they get their corner back on Wednesday.”) and “Unnecessary Roughness Monday.” (“Sort of speaks for itself”) The whole campaign is hilarious, but today I saw the best one yet. The board is addressing their flagging sales and DIRECTV’s free features. Higgins nails the perfect solution:

“Two Words: FEDERAL. BAILOUT. Read the papers, everyone’s doing it!”

Awesome. One of the board members adds: “You’ve seen our balance sheet. We qualify.” Congress, when you’ve made it to the “mocked in commercials” stage of the game, well, I’ve got four words for you. You’re Doing It Wrong! Ain’t pop culture fun?