Open Thread: Bailout Hilarity

When you get tired of crying, the only thing left to do is laugh. Congress is fertile ground for humor of course, but you gotta hand it to big porn, they certainly have stimulated the funny bone regarding stimulus packages. The pun environment is target-rich indeed, and if you want to see some of the funniest, check out this slogan contest over at #dontgo.

For me, I can’t stop laughing at the idea of Larry Flynt and that Girls Gone Wild dirtbag writing a gimme letter to congress. What would that sound like? “Dear Congress, You know, I never believed these bailout request letters were real until it happened to me. I never thought I’d be writing a letter like this …”

But look, don’t lets limit ourselves to Porn bailout jokes. The entire bailout fiasco from start to finish is begging for a bit of satire and mockery. Please feel free. Puns, slogans, and graphics (as long as they’re not graphic) .. even youtube vids. Let’s see what you’ve got … err, so to speak. I have to say it: I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours.