Last Minute Gifts For Conservatives: I Voted For ...

If you’re like me, then you are totally unprepared for Christmas. Well lucky for you, I know what to do about it. It’s time to start showing your colors. What better way to say I love you, or I didn’t vote for Obama, than with gifts that show your conservative – osity?

Here’s a list of must haves. Did I make some of these? Maybe! What is this, the inquisition?

If you’ve been a member of Redstate for more than three weeks and haven’t bought a Redstate branded shirt, hat, or coffee mug, well then you’re nothing but a theif. A common theif! (Am I overselling?)

Buy the gear. Wear the gear. Nobody will get hurt.

I will assume everyone here already has their Reagan shirt. I know I do. But now is your chance to spread a little Reagan cheer this Christmas. I want to walk through an airport one day and see this shirt on every seventh person I pass. Make it happen. Click on the picture to get to the shop.

2009 is going to be the year for ‘I told you so’ to all your weak-minded friends who succumbed to Obama’s Jedi mind tricks. Let them know you are not guilty. You voted for “McCain”. Click on the pic.


What else can you say? I suggest you give this one to your liberal friends. They won’t get it. Clicky picy.

So, so true.

It’s not all shirts and mugs though. We’re talking about conservatives, so books are in order of course.

So why are you still here? Dash away and spend your money on my whims!