War On Christmas: Pelosi Edition

Normally, Nancy Pelosi wages war ON religious doctrine. It seems that last week, though, Pelosi was on the right side of an issue dear to Christians and non-Christians alike: Christmas.

According to an interview I conducted with Reverend Robert Schenck of the group Faith and Action, Speaker Pelosi got a taste of the so-called War on Christmas last week over her decision to keep the Capitol Christmas Tree Ceremony a Christmas ceremony, as opposed to, say, a Holiday Tree ceremony. She was, in her words, “mugged” over the issue. In political terms, this probably means she was ambushed with some kind of unexpected and heavy pressure. Pressure which she apparently resisted.

Pelosi’s alleged comments, which I cannot get her press office to confirm or deny, are all but definitive in their support of the notion that forces with power to exert are using that power to try to abolish Christmas as we know it. A confirmation of the war on Christmas. Because she is an icon on the left, such an admission is striking and extremely important. The chief weapon of the war on Christmas is the cover they get from the media and the left, which is to say a general practice of mocking the very notion. The phrase “War on Christmas” does evoke a Bill O’Reilly temper tantrum, but the assaults on religion are very real.

The most egregious example is the atheist sign in Washington State. The sign is no mere exercise of speech, nor is it simply equal time to a different view of the season. It is, and this is blatantly obvious, an overt and pointed attack on Christianity and religion in general. The group “Freedom From Religion Foundation” are not subtle. They don’t have to be, of course, because Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are more than happy to carry water for such groups.  In fact, cofounder of the group Dan Barker said of the sign “it’s not that we are trying to coerce anyone; in a way our sign is a signal of protest.” How is that appropriate as an alternative holiday expression?

These groups and their annual assaults eventually start working on every day people, who come to believe the absurd idea that referring to the holiday of Christmas in any government edifice, even an elementary school building, constitutes an endorsement of Christianity by the federal government. It’s absolutely preposterous, but the left makes preposterous into policy and rewrites history through repitition. Lies become “truth” in this way. So their assaults trickle down to average citizens who become so warped they think Rudolph is child endangerment. What kind of reasoning is rattling around in the mind of a parent who thinks singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is coercive or harmful? It is a reasoning absent rationality, absent context and the texture of life, it is absent reality!

There are dozens of other examples, from banning outdoor crosses to red inking Silent Night, but the writing has been on the wall for some time. There is a concerted effort by organized groups, no doubt emboldened by the election, to rid Christianity from their sight and scrub it from our history. The “War on Christmas” is a convenient term, but Christmas is actually just a high profile battlefield. The war is on Christians, and it is waged year round by secular forces and the media.

Usually, in fact, with the help of Democrats like Nancy Pelosi as well. But not this time. So Merry Christmas Madame Speaker.  Think of this as our Christmas truce.