Arianna Commits a Fowler

If you travel alot, one of the most irksome moments of your trip is boarding time. Adults can’t seem to master what any group of children can do in seconds … form a single file line. Everyone presses too close, jockeying for position, hoping to nab just the right overhead luggage compartment. Eventually you get through it with minimal fuss. We are all drones buzzing in place with the swarm, waiting for the dance to be over. Unless, that is, you’re Ariana Huffington.

What is it with Democrats and airplanes? Stephen Bainbridge writes today about what happened when Arianna arrived in a huffpo and bypassed boarding with the peons. By bypassed, I mean she just pretended they didn’t exist and line-jumped without a word. Well not without any words … she was, after all, yakking on her cell phone. From Professor Bainbridge:

“I quip, ‘so much for change we can believe in,’ which earns me a dirty look but no apology.

I guess when you’re a Democrat Diva you don’t have to be polite to the little people. Or wait your turn.”

I guess we can forgive Ms. Huffington, though. She had very important work to do.

Folks, it’s like I always say: Mix unscripted Democrats and cameras and you get endless entertainment.