Open Thread: Obama Video

Last week, an old interview surfaced featuring Barack Obama. I’m not referring to the redistribution video, but the race video. As Leon points out, the interview paints a picture of Obama’s real, deeply-held views. They are views which show how hollow are his attempts to differentiate himself from radicals like Wright and Ayers.

I thought, though, that the youtube video exposing the interview was too long and hazy, so I’ve redone a shorter version which gets right to the juiciest quotes. Namely, that white people don’t want their taxes to pay for the education of black children, that he believes he can achieve some collective salvation for America to ensure his own salvation (whatever that means), and that Los Angeles = Bosnia. A fellow RedStater wonders how people who’ve been witness to real genocide feel about the comparison. The original is available here. To read the PDF of the transcript, click here.

Last but not least, I’d like to include one infrequent RedState contributor’s (edited) bullet points list of what the blue blazes all this really means.

  1. This is the smoking bullet we’ve long suspected — the proof that he took Wright to heart
  2. He was no better than Al Sharpton — he was, in fact, basically identical to Al Sharpton
  3. Note that the post-partisan candidate believed that people don’t want to pay taxes solely to starve black kids to death — do black people who don’t like taxes qualify as Uncle Toms?
  4. Wonder how folks who’ve been through real genocides feel about the comparison
  5. Al Sharpton
  6. Note how he divides America instinctively and effortlessly — really think this has changed?
  7. He does this for his salvation
  8. Al Sharpton

As always with my open threads, please post any anti-Obama or pro-McCain videos you think aren’t getting enough play.