Vampires for Ron Paul

What question could burn more fiercely than this: who are superheros voting for? Does Spiderman back Giuliani? Is Robin just going to vote for whoever Batman votes for? Could George Clooney have sucked any more as Batman? (Not even if he had a vacuum cleaner powered by the LHC.) And most importantly, is Catwoman around? Barely Political investigates:

“I honestly can’t make a decision.” Fracking. Awesome.

Of the course, the main takeaway is that Lou Ferrigno endorses John McCain, which makes sense, because … well, you wouldn’t like John McCain when he’s angry, either.

I’m not sure who Superman will vote for. On the one hand, McCain is a tough guy, but on the other hand:

Hero worship. The only question, really, is who does Obama think is the hero and who does he think is doing the worshiping? Hmm?

Of course, there have been other comic book endorsements already:

Sigh. Savage Dragon’s endorsement is offset by Obama’s endorsement and support from real life super villian George Soros, who is like Lex Luthor without the brains. And did I mention the candidates themselves are comic book characters?

In any case, speaking of Barely Political, they’re guesting tonight on Unusable Signal, the fastest growing political call-in show on blogtalkradio. I’ll be calling in. I think there’s been some cheating in the Campaign Girl Olympics. The show starts at 9. You can visit the site to participate in chat, or you can use the embedded player below to listen in secretively. Like a spy. From a comic book. See what I did there?

I host on Friday and Saturday shows. Be warned, this is a liberal talk show. I’m the interloper. Consider this an Open Thread. Nuff Said.

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