Unusable Signal: Tonight

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am part of a new blogtalkradio show called Unusable Signal (see banner above). It’s a liberal radio show, rather funny I think, and I’m the sole conservative; the outsider … the rebel.

Err, ok, well I’m the sole conservative anyway. Tonight I’ll be hosting, as we have a mixed bag with all the liberal hosts from the week calling in. It’s sure to be loud, confused, and infuriating to our conservative blood. Watch me try to be affable in the face of my left-wing friends! Or rather, listen to me. Also, maybe *laughable* for affable …. no wait, hey I do my best! … seems you may even get some schizophrenia, hmm?

So, if you’re interested in listening, or perhaps just feel like getting riled up by the liberals, tune in. E Pluribus Unum and simpson316 have dropped by and had some fun in the chat room.

Hope some of you can drop by. I’m totally outnumbered.

We start at 11PM tonight! Just click on the banner above.