September 11th for Demmies

Graphic Posted at DailyKos

“All this 9/11 worship is ghoulish and downright silly”

So says a blogger from Daily Kos, along with the graphic seen here, in a disturbing thread (via Ace) which has since been redacted by the Kossak powers-that-be. You would think posting this graphic would have the blogger roundly condemned, and you would, of course, be wrong. Fellow commenters provided a split decision, but considering the title and subject of the (now deleted) blog they were commenting on was “I Hate 9/11” … well do the math. This blogger, GW Chimpzilla, will suffer no ill fate or even ill will among the hateful gutter snipes at Daily Kos. Their only real objection is that people like you and I will make hay of it. He’s not wrong, you see, merely imprudent.

This attitude shouldn’t be a surprise to us. Perhaps the particular viciousness of the mocking graphic will catch you off-guard, but the “sick of 9-11” routine is hardly new. “Progressive” folks have been telling America to get over 9-11-01 since 9-12-01. (Well, 9/13, 9/12 was reserved for mealy-mouthed columnists to bleat about the “danger” of reprisals against Muslims in America which the New York Times kind of American was all too certain would be swift, abundant, and heinous from the bitter, gun-toting, religious nuts in flyover country.)

Take, for example, this article by Chris Thompson, currently of the Village Voice, published at East Bay Express on the first anniversary of 9/11. The essential point of his article was that it was all too dramatic and, really, oughtn’t we just treat it like a fluke and never the more fret? “What really happened one year ago? Some bad men got lucky and hurt us, so we bombed the s**t out of some caves they were hiding in. Now what’s on TV?” That wasn’t snark. It was his point.

Joan Smith at The Independent/UK said it in February of 2003. She wonders when we’ll get over it, and summarizes her position by saying, “If the world has become a more dangerous place since 11 September 2001, it is not solely because of the activities of a bunch of Islamic terrorists.” It’s America, you see. Sort of like, when a person is being mugged, and they punch the mugger in the face; well the mugger isn’t really the only one bringing violence to the street is he?

There is Thomas Friedman, who said in the New York Times, “9/11 has made us stupid.” He said we need a President for 9/12, which, from the context of the article, is apparently someone who really isn’t all that keen on fighting terrorism. Or Bill Press at CNN who in May of 2002, dripping with sarcastic contempt, claimed that during that week Americans were “treated to another long day of gushing, weeping and wailing over September 11.” He had, less than a year after the day, decided it was time to stop talking about it, he’d had enough of 9/11. “It’s important to move on from September 11,” he said. “No more memorial services. No more ceremonies at Ground Zero. No more television tearjerkers.”

This list could go on and on. The left side of the aisle can’t stop telling you to “move along, nothing to see here.” And why should this be? Well according to them, it’s because the events of 9/11 have been invoked for partisan gain. You know what I say to that? DAMN RIGHT.

If by partisan gain, they mean Republicans individually and as a party have gained electoral strength, then they are right. This is not by virtue of cynical fear-mongering, but by virtue of our side, among other things, not taking the occasion of the third day after the attacks to tell everyone to settle down and be at peace. Did they think that was a vote-getting strategy? Hi, I’m America, have we met?

Of course Republicans have gained electoral strength on 9/11 issues. This is what happens when you stand before your enemy with a bayonet and a glare and tell him “no further”. This is how people react to the soldier who stands between them and a bullet in the face; it’s how they feel about great leaders who look evil in the eye and tells it to tear down this wall. Republicans invoke 9/11? You are damn right we do. This is a world which still has those walls, and it isn’t hand-wringing appeasement or peaceful malfeasance which bring them down, or root out men with bombs hiding behind them. It’s steel and blood, not flowers and rainbows, which must at last meet terror on its own ground.

If, on the other hand, what they mean is that cynical politicians and pundits take 9/11 as a political football, treat it callously thus, and twist the significance of the event in a despicable attempt to boost their party in the eyes of the voter … well then they are still right. For this is what has happened on the left all along. It’s part of the impetus behind get over it blogs, and behind articles like this one from Huffington Post yesterday. The comments are a special treat, if you have the stomach.

Democrat politicians prattle endlessly on about how George Bush wasted the good will the world had for America after 9/11. Good will? That’s their takeaway from 9-11 … that Libya had a candlelight service? That Australia had a concert? The towers fell, my friends, and Americans died in horror. Stuff good will, sometimes it’s the fight that matters! September 11th is a political football alright, for the left. They use it to bash Giuliani and to mock us bitter gun-toters. A reactionary bunch are we and please don’t visit reprisal on Muslims, you’ll waste our good will.

Here is a September 11th primer for you liberals out there who still fail to understand it: Most of us aren’t GOING to get over it. Get it? We remember because it’s right, and we mourn because we must. We feel this attack in our hearts, fresh to this day, because unlike many of you we feel America in our hearts. You can’t understand 9/11 because your arugula-eating, recycle-obsessed, weather-underground-admiring, America-hating, Venezuela-loving, Marxist, liberal, “open” minds can’t grasp loving America. Of course you don’t understand 9-11 … you’re too busy understanding the terrorists.

Republicans bring up 9/11? No, AMERICANS do. We remember it and we by God intend to keep remembering it. Get over it? Not on your life. Not this American. Not ever.