Foul Fowler: Mrs. Edition

Don Fowler, you may recall, was featured in a video I shot and posted about a week ago. He was laughing about the hurricane headed for New Orleans, citing it as evidence of God favoring Democrats.

Now his wife, Carol Fowler, has stuck her own foot in her mouth. Earlier today, Fowler the Mrs. said that John McCain has chosen a running mate whose “primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.”

Yes, that’s actually what she said. On the plane from Denver, Don Fowler remarked that Palin is “Dan Quayle on steroids” and said “the fact that she is a female” is her only qualification. His wife has added a second qualification to the list.

When told that McCain’s support among white women increased after the announcement of Palin, the charming Mrs. Fowler replied, “Just anecdotally, I believe that those white women are Republican women anyway.”

When next you hear a Democrat inadvertently say what they mean, just refer to it as “committing a Fowler”.

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson demanded an apology today:

“Carol Fowler’s statement is offensive, outrageous and – most importantly – dead wrong. Governor Sarah Palin is a strong pro-life, pro-family reform-minded conservative with meaningful experience whose message has resonated in South Carolina. Fowler’s statement is born out of desperation from a campaign that is sputtering across the South. “Carol Fowler should immediately apologize. Her remarks are unbecoming of a party leader and demonstrate poor judgment. Carol Fowler and Barack Obama are eager to smear – not ready to lead.”

Katon Dawson, you may have noticed, is awesome.

Just as Don finally had to “apologize” for his laughing at the prospect of suffering in New Orleans, an apology has been dragged from his wife for her offensive comments as well.

“I personally admire and respect the difficult choices that women make everyday, and I apologize to anyone who finds my comment offensive. I clumsily was making a point about people in South Carolina who may vote based on a single issue. Whether it’s the environment, the economy, the war or a woman’s right to choose, there are people who will cast their vote based on a single issue. That was the only point I was attempting to make.”

That’s her apology? “I was trying to make fun of the hicks in my state, thank you very much!” The Fowlers are almost as bad at apologies as they are at commenting on current events.

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