Palin Should Stop Sending Fetuses To War


Predictably, the radical witches at Code Pink were out to protest in Denver and St. Paul for the recent political conventions, doing their part to bring laughter and tears to the two-week drama. Equally predictably, I caught up with their group from time to time to see how things were going. I’ve put together a short highlight reel we can all share.

Code Pink, the group who tried to run the Marines out of Berkeley and called American troops terrorists, admitting that abortion is killing and calling for collapsing bridges. (That was Medea Benjamin about bridges, by the way. She’s a Code Pink co-founder. Some real intellectual heavyweights they bring to the table, hmm?)

This is the group that repeatedly crashed Republican convention events. Very liberal St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Jo Mannies claims her press credentials were “stolen” by the Pinky who broke into a Phyllis Schlafly pro-Life event to unfurl a banner on stage (I’m sure Mannies would never have given her creds to the Pinko, oh no). Code Pinkers love getting on the pro-Lifers, particularly with this “war is killing” line. Either they don’t get that the corollary to their argument is that being pro-Choice means being pro-baby-killing … or they do.

Anyhoo, couple more pics below the fold.

The megaphones REALLY got old. I think these ladies have been recruiting from the American Idol rejects line.

Dude. Seriously?


The Code Pinkers really have some garbled messaging going on. “Mo’ War?” What is that about? Yo, Code Pink comin’ at ya’. Straight outta Berkeley, y’all.

Plus, the whole cafe thing didn’t really gel. If it’s the code pink cafe, why are all the signs about what McCain and Palin are cooking? Are they in favor of his recipes? If not, why are they selling them at their cafe? And really, where’d the cafe thing come from, anyway? Other than signs about cooking and one or two vaguely kitchen-related hats, there was nothing “cafe” about it. Plus their overall theme was “Make Out, Not War”. Shouldn’t it be like, make CAKE not war? It’s a cafe right?

Ok, so … stilts? It’s stilts now? “Be Tall, Not War!”

You know, here’s another problem with “Make Out, Not War” … it doesn’t make any sense! Make love, not war. I get that .. but make out? It doesn’t match up. Try reversing them:

“Make War, Not Love” vs. “Make War, Not Out” … you see what I mean?

Suffice it to say, the Code Pinkers were looong (the stilts see, get it?) on show, short on substance, and their message was, to say the least, mixed. One thing is for sure, it had something to do with peas. (You know, it’s a cafe, right? So peas? Hey that’s funny, y’all. Bah, you darn kids with your music.)