St. Paul is a Gas

It’s day three in St. Paul and, if I have any luck, I’ll get tear gassed for the third day in a row.

It’s been quite a week here. The protests are going full steam. We keep hearing about clashes with police, and I continue running around town chasing sirens, tyring to catch some photos and maybe get a little roughed up.

In Denver, many of the protesters were scrupulous about the rules, obeying them to the letter and number of inches. They were, other than a few incidents, largely a well-behaved group. It’s not so in St. Paul, where they routinely spit on delegates, throw bottled water and rocks at the police, and take over streets, entrance ramps, and intersections. In both cities I heard them talk about how they hope they are arrested. Here in St. Paul, though, they seem to have figured out how.

Last week I put up some videos and photos from the protests in Denver. I’m probably going to have two of those this week, this one being the first. Click through for the rest.

Found this broken record laying on the asphalt after a riot. So many layers. I mean … read the song title, is that perfect or what? And the protesters leaving a broken record in their wake? Gotta love it.

This guy is chained into the car, which is parked in the middle of an intersection. On the first day, protesters blocked roads, entrance ramps, and intersections expressly in order to “prevent” the convention from taking place or at least reaching a quorum.

Yes, that’s seriously what they thought would happen. I know.

Look at these rabid protesters. What kind of sick puppies are against … hmm. Wait, is that me? No more questions, get that camera out of my face!!!

I like to imagine, in my head, that the cop is saying something like “that plan ain’t lookin’ so good right now, is it?”

Feel free to caption that one in the comments.

Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about. But whatever it’s about, I imagine the description involves slurred speech.

Isn’t that a lovely thought to come here and share?

Code pink is riding on bicyles around town, among other things. Check out the shirt:

Yeah. In arabic. Nice.

 Yeah, the Paulines are here too. Yay.

Why are the USO girls who performed at the Sunday afternoon premiere of the movie “An American Carol” mixed into this set of photos? Weird!


What do we want? CASH!! When do we want it? NOW!!

This was a large protest gathering featuring two stages, hippies, t-shirts, and a grocery tent complete with ATM. I have news for you guys … “This is what capitalism looks like!”

At that same gathering, one of the stages featured a foul bit of “entertainment” which, I think, captures the spirit of the crowd rather well. I’m warning you now, the following video is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. Watch with care. If you’re my mother, don’t watch it at all; just take my word for it that it’s really bad.

This next video is from last night. If you think the wind is blowing that cloud of tear gas right toward me, and that I’m smart enough to move before getting totally blasted with it, then you’re half right.

The rumor mill said this group being gassed included the band Rage Against the Machine, but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

This is what being surrounded by riot cops looks like.

I have no doubt that the protest drama is not over yet. But it’s clear from conversation that the locals and the police are getting tired. Seems like maybe the protesters are as well: