New Game: Where's the Flag

So, I tried a new game here in Denver. It’s called “find an American flag the Democrats put up.” Considering the elaborate effort they made to Obama up the town, they certainly would have found time to stick up a flag or two right? As in, not one built into the Pepsi center by someone else. Let’s play, hmm?

First, the compound:

Hmmm. Well, they must inside then, right?

Okay, short video. Let’s try photos then:

Hmm. I guess the Democrats just felt flags were too old fashioned for Obama. Maybe that’s why he took the flag off his plane. The Obama logo is so much more “now”.

Can you imagine the decorating committee meeting? “Flags are soooo 2001. We need something hip. How about, like, some stars on abstract backgrounds. Of course, that blue has to go. Can we get something that feels more “sky”? You know, it’s like, the environment. Drop the stripes wherever you can, too, they make you look fat.”

So if the Democrats put up an American flag anywhere, I don’t see it. But hey, at least they remembered their red, white, and Fox-news-blue colored “Bush Eats Babies and Destroys Science All The Time” bus. So there’s that, right?