Police State in Denver

Protests in Denver

Recreate 68 is convinced they live in a state of opression. Since the government now prevents them from exercising their free speech, they held a huge protest march where they were given free reign on half the streets of Denver and international press coverage, wherein they said any despicable thing they wanted. So yeah, they’re totally being oppressed.

I spent some quality time with these rocket scientists yesterday. One thing they were sure of is that we live in a police state. “This is what a police state looks like!” was one of the more popular chants. Incidentally, they often added “This is what Democracy looks like, this is what anarchy looks like, this is what totalinarianism looks like!” I guess they weren’t really sure WHAT it looked like. Then I figured it was sort of a Sesame Street thing, so I held up my camera and said “This is what a camera looks like” and began pointing at things “This is what a tree looks like, this is what a hippie looks like.” They didn’t think that was very funny.

Yesterday I posted the video of Fox News being attacked by these peace-lovers. Today the news has gotten around. The press seem to think the police or security intervened. Not so.

The police were exceptionally hands-off yesterday. That the crowd desperately wanted to be sprayed with hoses was apparent. The name of the group is, after all, Recreate 68. They smoked marijuana outside of the Pepsi center, despite hundreds of cops being around. They pushed. They wanted it.

But as you can see from my video, where cops and security stood by while Fox News was attacked, they didn’t get it. In fact, the cops were so hands-off that when I asked another officer farther down the route whether he’d heard about the assault, I found it hadn’t even been called in. The police and security on the scene didn’t even get on their radios and report it. Some police state huh?

That didn’t stop the protesters from claiming it, though. Remember the chanting, “This is what a police state looks like!” I asked one of the men leading this chant a few questions:

“They’re so quick to violence!” Ummmm, but there hasn’t been any. Interesting.

This was at about the halfway point in the event. It was only twenty minutes later his friends and compatriots attacked Griff Jenkins. The cops didn’t intervene. Some police state. “The peaceful” protesters were the source of the only violence.

The chant about a police state carried on through the day. Despite the obvious hands-off approach by the cops, the MSM is already reporting that they intervened in the Fox News incident. I wonder how long before the protesters get their media to complete their message. “Protesters Clash With Police.” Well there was no clash, no matter how much the rabble-rousers tried to get one, they simply couldn’t recreate 1968. Just remember that when you watch the news.