Attacking Fox News in Denver

Today I had the dubious privilege of attending a protest here in Denver. Recreate68 and several other protest groups organized a rally with speeches and music, followed by a protest march to the entrance to Pepsi Center, where the convention will be held. I have a number of videos and photos, but I wanted to post this one right away. I was able to capture an attack on a Fox News crew by the rabid crowd. I’m warning you now, the language is EXTREMELY FOUL.

I have much more to post later tonight, but I wanted to jet this one out as soon as it was ready.

These attackers were filled with hate for Fox News. They were enraged, moved to action. And Why? Because they think Fox is conservative. That’s it. That’s why.

These protesters claim to oppose war, but they are happy to conduct their own. They lust for a world where all will follow the same path. These protesters speak of freedoms, but they practice oppression. They speak of fairness, but they practice injustice. They speak of tolerance, but they act with hate. This is who marched on Denver today. This is who will march on Denver on all week.

Be wary, Denver. Say or do the wrong thing and you may just be silenced. Just like they tried to silence Griff Jenkins.