Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor War, Nor Troops


The beautiful sand, surf and sun of Hawaii has proved too delightfully relaxing for Senator Obama this week. Sadly, he’s had to miss out on an entire war, taking only enough time to elicit compliance from Russian President Medvedev by decree. So overwhelmed with his vacation is the Senator that he cannot even take the time to help the poor, long-suffering clerks at his own State Department of Health to produce a real, 3-dimensional copy of his birth certificate.

Now, he’s even going to have miss his “favorite thing to do.” His vacation, you see, is the “scheduling conflict” his campaign cited when they decided to snub our troops. Again. As Soren Dayton said last week, “Did he learn nothing in Germany? Could he send a clearer signal to the troops about what he thinks about them?” Well I think he’s being quite clear, sweeties.

Of course, no one faults a man for needing a vacation, right?