What Sounds War Mongerier?

The New York Times today published an interesting correction to the last 12 years:

An article on Sunday about Senator John McCain’s campaign management style described his role as a Navy pilot in Vietnam incorrectly. He flew bombing missions as an attack aircraft pilot, but he was not a “fighter pilot.” (The error has appeared in numerous other Times articles the past dozen years, most recently on April 9 and on Dec. 15, 2007.)

So he wasn’t a fighter pilot. He was an attack pilot. I suppose if your “he wasn’t really in Vietnam” critici attack doesn’t work, it’s useful to go the other route. He wasn’t fighting like good Kerry in self-defense. He was attacking. Isn’t that better? Why I just bet he wants a fight to attack Russia, now!

The Gawker lays out the actual “differences” here.

(H/T Drudge)