Vive le Paris!

Via HotAir, I had the dubious pleasure of watching a Paris Hilton video tonight. Hold on, now, it’s not what you think.

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The marginally humorous clip raises an important question:

Should Paris Hilton be the next President of the United States of America?

Let’s look at her many positives. President Paris would represent a fundamental change in the character of America. As the first female President, she’d serve as more than herself, she’d be the key that unlocks the door for millions of other girls dreaming of one day serving in the highest office in the land. No longer will they imagine what it’s like to be the First Lady or the intern. No, the big chair will be theirs to aspire to.

Paris has the ability to engage the audience. Whether it is her natural speaking ability, her charm or charisma, something about Paris stands out. Consider that she’s never really accomplished anything. Neither actress nor singer, neither intellectual nor athlete, Paris still managed to become a household name. She has that certain something, that … je ne sais quois. Imagine having those communication skills at her command as she meets with the leaders of the world.

Everywhere Paris goes, people mob her. She is surrounded by cameras and media attention. Isn’t popularity a good thing? Don’t we want the President to be widely known; to have the President’s attention and affection sought after? I think we do.

Paris also clearly has the ability and intent to speak on the issues. She articulately addressed her energy plan. Unlike the politicians, she was true to her heart, and she spoke from it.

Some say she doesn’t have much experience, but I say, do we really want another old white guy in the office? We’ve tried experience before … it’s time for change.

Lastly, Paris gives us hope. Little boys everywhere have the not completely unreasonable hope that they may one day date President Paris. Girls everywhere have hope of achieving the same dream as Paris fulfilled: to be given accolades based on being attractive, young, and not too terribly busy doing things in life merely to get that aforementioned, overrated, so-called experience.

In summary, isn’t being young, unqualified, inexperienced, prone to gaffes, and wildly famous what you really want in your President? Then take my advice, vote Oba Paris Hilton in 2008. It’s hot.