Spot The Differences

Senator Obama and his allies in the liberal press are flummoxed and mystified by assertions that Obama is playing the race card. Yet, Obama keeps on pointing out that we are being “scared” by “they” because he doesn’t look like all those other Presidents on the dollar bill. I guess he’s trying to entertain us with some of those fun, Sunday paper-style puzzles.

I tried the first game, which is to find all these Presidents that Senator Obama claims are on the dollar bill. I lost though … I could only find one.

The second game is a lot more fun. It’s called “In What Way Does Senator Obama Not Look Like the Other President(s?) on Dollar Bills” or, more briefly, “Spot The Differences”.

You can play along on my card below. These were all the differences I could spot, so I assume Obama refers to one of these.


So he must not have been playing the race card. Maybe he was playing the “I’m not a President” card?

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