Video: Newt Rips Conservative who Support Conservatives

Newt Gingrich is currently playing the role of the Tea Party candidate, and quite convincingly so.

So successful is he in adapting new roles, that many actual conservatives have become so strongly convinced by his current talk, that it seems that nothing about Newt’s opposing history is enough to convince them otherwise. And when I talk about his history that includes items from several decades ago, several years ago, and even barely several months ago.

This video is of Newt at the end of 2009 on Fox News, where he not only defends his decision to support liberal Dede Scozzafava over Tea Party candidate Doug Hoffman in a Republican district, but criticize those who support Hoffman.

Newt’s smooth talk at the debates may convince some that he’s turned over to a new leaf overnight, however this very morning on CBS’s Face The Nation, Newt announced he would subpoena Supreme Court Judges who rule contrary to his liking. He explained that he understood that such action would create history, nevertheless he stood strongly at his opinion.

Thus, this very morning he’s convinced me once again that the old Newt who loves historic moments such as sitting on one love-seat with Nancy Pelosi and partnering Al Sharpton is ready to do anything and everything, including items contrary to conservatism and the constitution, all to receive some limelight, attention, and the creation of historic moments.


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