From the Tucson Blood Libel to the Operation Fast and Furious Massacre

It is currently close to a year after a large chunk of the media has falsely and shamelessly accused Rush Limbaugh, Tea Partiers, talk-radio, and Sarah Palin specifically, citing a map upon which she had placed cross-hairs at districts she felt were worthwhile investing energy during elections and which included Giffords’ district.

It mattered not that the blame for the horrific act rested solely on the shoulders of a deranged non-political lunatic whose obsession with his Democratic Congresswoman dated back to at least 2007, a time when Sarah Palin served as the Governor of remote Alaska. Once the fog had lifted and it became clear without the shadow of a doubt that the anti-Giffords Jared Loughner who committed the crime was as disconnected from the right and Sarah Palin as could possibly be, many thought the left would apologize or at least ensure to stick to the facts. However, the left has never tired of their obsession against Palin and continue to blame her for a deranged guy’s act.

Giffords has recently released a book and sadly chose to blame a proven innocent individual rather than supporting the truth. Her husband, whose doing the publicizing, spoke negatively of Palin during an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan despite the facts that the shooter’s motives were unrelated to politics and that the usage of targets on a map is an accepted act and had also been used by the Democrat Party.

The liberal tactic in blaming their opponents in the death of others despite their obvious innocence isn’t new. It has been played continuously throughout Bush’s presidency after the launch of the Iraqi war, with slogans like “Bush Lied, People Died” which blamed Bush in the deaths of civilians and soldiers instead of the terrorists who directed car bombs, roadside bombs, and other forms of violence.

Liberals have always been loyal to the ideology that “facts don’t matter especially if they contradict your message.” Thus, minor details such as that far more Iraqis have died during Clinton’s presidency due to Saddam’s systemic murders and gassing of entire neighborhoods than had been killed by terrorists during Bush’s presidency, simply had no significance upon the anti-war crowd. Heralding Bush as a hero who saved thousands of Kurds from unjust suffering simply contradicted their agenda and therefore remained unmentioned by the left. In contrast, Obama’s war in Libya was lauded by the left for its humanitarian and noble mission.

It is stunning to watch the leftists’ reactions once their political opponent can no longer be blamed, whether because of lack of evidence, evidence proving them wrong, or their nemesis no longer being in power. Instead of reversing the blame they’ve heaped upon their opponents and directing it towards the true guilty party, they either disappear without the slightest apology, or remain entrenched in their warped facts despite reality proving otherwise.

This was seen after the details emerged as to who was responsible for the Tucson shooting. The left hadn’t redirected the hatred and anger they had expressed against Palin and the others towards Loughner, the guy truly guilty of the crime. Similarly, once Bush was no longer in office and their buddy Obama had taken over the reins, the death counts, protests, and chants have come to a mysterious end. These reversals indicate not only the falsehood of the original claims but tell us that these liberals have been knowledgeable of the true facts throughout their protests, yet nevertheless chose to proceed with the lies. How disgusting.

Additionally, the left personalize their hatred against political opponents and speak badly of the person/people instead of the ideology, and it often leads to improper behavior. It is therefore common amongst liberals to label their opponents as Hitler and Nazis, and joke of a longing to bring the life of a conservative to an end without receiving any criticism of the others. Since hating the person is deemed the norm in liberal circles, the media hasn’t found it necessary to protest the many death wishes made publicly against Palin and other conservatives since they too carry a personal hatred against conservatives and would have loved to see such threats followed through.

This is the polar opposite of the manner in which conservatives conduct themselves, and conservatives can be proud of their behavior. Conservatives strictly oppose the message and the ideology of the left without mocking or wishing physical ill for its messengers. The demands of fifty one conservative congress members, three presidential candidates, and many other influential conservative figures for Eric Holder to step down from his post as Attorney General is but one example of the exemplary behavior in which conservatives conduct themselves.

The American public in general and conservatives in particular were shocked to discover the details of Operation Fast & Furious, an operation led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in which firearms were sold to suspected gun smugglers in the hope to eventually trace the arms all the way up to the higher echelons of Mexican drug cartels. Although it must have appeared novel to some in theory, reality proved the operation to be disastrous as they lost track of most of the weapons, only to have them repeatedly turn up at crime scenes and has been direct cause of the deaths of at least 200 innocent Mexicans and one U.S. Border Control Agent, Brian Terry. Since only 600 out of the 2,500 guns have been recovered and a majority of those were found only after having been used to commit violence, that death-toll is expected to at least double.

The conservative media deserves much respect and credit for their dedication to the truth, in only reporting information of which were absolutely accurate and of which evidence was available. Despite the information which traced the program directly to the Obama administration, there were no hasty assumptions and finger-pointing as liberals are want to do. Rather, they waited until they had absolute facts before placing any demands directly upon a single individual. What a contrast to Obama’s “I don’t know the details” but “the police acted stupidly” which then required a beer summit in order to undo the damage his hastiness has caused.

Those investigating the details demanded from the federal government two reasonable requests; transparency and responsibility. Transparency is necessary so that those who were responsible for this out-of-control program can be held responsible and removed from their post.

The first individual of which responsibility has been demanded is Erick Holder, Attorney General, whose resignation has been requested by many conservatives in Congress since he was aware of this scandal yet did nothing to counteract it. For some unknown reason, the government has found both requests to be unreasonable. In the latest development, the grand jury indictment issued for Brian Terry’s murder was sealed last week by the Obama Administration, thus blocking the door for additional information to be released. As for responsibility, Obama has not yet demanded a resignation from Holder or anyone else.

The call for Holder to resign isn’t the result of randomly choosing one individual upon whom to pounce and throw some blame. Only after evidence surfaced which exposed Holder and the lies he’d said during the Congressional Hearings, did conservatives call for him to take responsibility for his irresponsible actions. Since the outcry was focused at the action and not the individual, it did not include any “jokes” which demanded violence against Holder. The only demand which has been placed upon Holder is resignation, something which should’ve been self-understood and self-enacted by Holder.

As an aside, it’s pretty ironic that the same administration who wishes to place additional restrictions upon the second amendment rights of ordinary Americans, and the president who has mocked the bitter folks who cling to their guns, hasn’t had any qualms in supplying guns to violent foreigners behind the backs of their government.


Abie Rubin blogs at The Thinking Voter and can be followed on twitter.

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