The Liberal New York Times Dreams up another Scheme how America can sell its Morals

New York Times columnist Paul Kane has suggested a plan so ridiculous that I’m scared Obama might actually consider it.

With a single bold act, President Obama could correct the country’s course, help assure his re-election, and preserve our children’s future.

Firstly, since when has a president’s reelection become of equal concern to correcting the country’s course and preserving the future of our children?

There are dozens of initiatives President Obama could undertake to strengthen our economic security. Here is one: He should enter into closed-door negotiations with Chinese leaders to write off the $1.14 trillion of American debt currently held by China in exchange for a deal to end American military assistance and arms sales to Taiwan and terminate the current United States-Taiwan defense arrangement by 2015.

Secondly, this absurd deal definitely won’t accomplish anything in correcting the course of our country or preserving the future. It’s is equivalent to applying a bandage to a patient who has been stabbed in numerous areas and is spouting blood. What will one silly bandage in such a situation? One needs to apply tourniquets to squelch the gushing and provide the patient with a blood transfusion to make up for the blood loss. So too, eliminating one out of over fourteen trillion of our debt without taking any action to squelch the spending or create a deregulated market where fresh money can come pouring in, is a worthless action which will be undone in less than a year if we continue spending at the current pace. I can’t even see it help Obama with his reelection, though even if it would, his reelection should not be the factor on which all his decisions are based. Sadly though, it sure seems to be that way as evidenced in the delay of the Keystone Pipeline decision, the withdrawal of the troops, and just about everything else he’s ever done.

Mark Krikorian questions the wisdom of even suggesting that our alliances are for sale and that it’s dangerous to be our friend, especially after our indifference and opposition to Ben Ali and Mubarak despite years of alliance. Ed Morrissey takes it a step further and wonders why the writer only suggested selling Taiwan and hadn’t continued with selling our alliance with Israel to Iran or Saudi Arabia and that of NATO to Russia.

We sure could wipe away the majority of our debt if we follow down this path, dumping South Korea to North Korea and so on and so forth, but only if one is ready to ignore the disastrous results which are bound to occur after such dangerous deals. Unbelievably, it seems as though the liberals have zero moral compunction left within them, with the only consideration for their actions is how it would affect them. They don’t give a hoot to the safety of their friends and can no longer even understand those who abide by morality. This is besides the fact that they aren’t capable of comprehending the effects it would have on the U.S. itself.

Their stupidity reminds me of the Democrat’s typical response to conservative protests against entitlement programs and all liberal agenda. At a town hall meeting in 2010, tea party individuals who protested Congressman Gene Green’s support of Obamacare asked the audience to raise their hands if they protest of a socialized health care system, bringing a flurry of arms raised. Congressman Green’s responded by asking all those who are currently on Medicaid or Medicare to raise their hands, once again causing many to raise their hands.

He thus, in his mind, countered their protest of Obamacare as ludicrous since so many of them are already the beneficiaries of government health care. What he and most liberals fail to understand, is that yes! One can be on Medicaid and still protest Obamacare since receiving a handout due to their financial duress hasn’t necessarily eroded their brains or morals. Many recipients hope of the day when they will earn enough to easily afford an expensive private plan and not be stuck on the system forever.

Liberals can’t comprehend that an elderly individual receiving Medicare can oppose 2,500 pages of Obamacare which will overtake a sixth of the economy and cause havoc on the best health care system in the world since they created these systems with the intention of shutting up the people. Those who refuse to comply are therefore treated as hypocrites who oppose the very hand who provides them, not understanding that their actions have created the current system which forces many to accept Medicare. These individuals are therefore protesting the expansion of the current system which will force many more into taking action they oppose.

Nor can a liberal NYT writer understand conservatives who wish to shrink our debt and get the system back on track but will never support throwing an ally under the bus since liberals are a selfish group who can’t look past themselves.

Abie Rubin blogs at The Thinking Voter.