Mr. David Frum is All Mixed Up Over Who Left Whom

David Frum wrote two articles this week whose content were quite comical, so I decided to share the gist of it with you.

Ronald Reagan has often said in regard to his party change from Democrat to Republican that, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, it left me.” Ironically, David Frum who preaches to the Republicans that “The Era of Reagan is Over” and that it’s necessary to adapt to the times, has now turned to Reagan’s words and twisted them in order to defend…Romney.

Frum criticized those who blast Romney for his endless flip-flops with the excuse that “it’s not Romney who is the flip-flopper. It’s the conservative movement.” Frum continued his ridiculous defense of Romney, explaining that Romney’s positions had always been aligned with the Republican Party. However, since the party has undergone recent radical changes he had to do some shifting in order to keep up with the pace. The blame therefore lies with the party.

My immediate question upon reading Frum’s nonsense was why has Romney not done that which Reagan did? If the party has left Romney, why hasn’t he left the party and joined whichever Party is more in line with his original positions, be it the Green, Liberal, Democrat or other party? Mr. Frum, perhaps you can remind us when the Republican Party’s platform had been to run to the left of Ted Kennedy? And if Romney’s positions were so “mainstream” then why couldn’t he win a second term in David Frum’s mainstream Massachusetts?

In his other article, Frum officially discussed the various possible outcomes of the 2012 elections and their consequences. The underlying theme of course was to bash the Tea Party and Republican activists who he considers having lived the last three years “in a fantasy world in which fringe characters like Sarah Palin and Herman Cain somehow ’speak for the common sense of the common people.’“ Frum also threw in Perry, Bachmann and Trump in addition to Palin and Cain as having each served as the Tea Party’s messiah.

Rick Perry is the Governor of the largest conservative state for the last ten years. Does that make Texas, which boasts a considerable percent of America’s population and jobs, a fringe state?

Sarah Palin had been elected twice to the mayoral position in Wasilla and then as the Governor of the state of Alaska. Is 90% of Alaska, which approved of Palin and her successful policies, also fringe? That brands the two largest states of the country as loaded with fringe characters. Whoa! And what about John McCain who you so adore and chose Palin as his running mate, is he fringe too?

Herman Cain, in addition to having been honored with the fringe title, was predicted by Frum to run a train wreck of a presidency if he wins. Surprisingly, this disaster of a guy was credited with the positive financial turnaround of Burger King and Godfather’s Pizza, was the host of a popular talk-radio show, and served as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City. It sure causes one wonder what he would’ve been able to accomplish if he hadn’t been so fringe.

David Frum’s treatment of Obama differs vastly than that of his “fellow” conservatives. Obama and his policies aren’t referred to as socialist or communist, but that of a mainstream Democrat guy. What has Obama touched that met with success? He touched health care and it is on the path to destruction. He touched our economy, and it plummeted far lower than before. Sadly, one can simply say; Obama touched America and has wrought destruction upon it. His interference in the Middle East or other foreign countries has only increased the violence against innocent and the promotion of Islamic extremists. However, when Obama’s healthcare reform bill passed, Frum blamed … Republicans for having refused to create a bi-partisan bill.

Being that you, Mr. Frum, consider yourself as a conservative, it seems as though you are the fringe character. Demanding the party to have a pro-choice candidate at the top of the ticket, or taking measures to curb in global warming is in direct opposition to the Republican Party and the Conservative movement. If the Republican Party has abandoned anyone, it was the conservative principles upon which it was originally founded. It has as of late forgotten that “Government is Not the Solution to the Problem, Government is the Problem” and had picked John McCain to represent them in 2008. Since McCain was your favorite guy in the 2008 campaign take a look at the results of his campaign and the extreme policies of the current administration.

Mitt Romney has a significant chance in winning the primary, only to then yes or not win the general election. A repeat of McCain’s performance is quite likely. There is only one thing that is absolutely definite regarding Mitt Romney. He hasn’t stopped flipping and flopping on every topic and policy brought to the table, possibly because in his entire political career he hasn’t had any definite positions. He simply gave the answers that the people he was speaking to wished to hear, and acted in the manner which was most beneficial for him in getting reelected. He definitely wasn’t conservative in the past, and his many flips won’t make into a conservative. A wolf in sheep’s clothes is still a wolf.

The conservative movement’s platform is the same as it had always been. It hasn’t changed and won’t change its pro-life, pro-individual liberties, pro-small government, and constitution-adhering principles. Conservatism had always been the basis of the Republican Party, and a demand for it to return to its roots is only logical and understandable. Perhaps, Mr. David Frum, it is necessary for you to review the conservative ideology which has originally been represented by the Republican Party, and is still supposed to be one and the same. A demand from conservatives for the party to therefore return to its roots is only logical and understandable. A demand from a phony conservative like you to fundamentally transform the party is not.


This article is cross-posted from The Thinking Voter.