Panic and Surprise! Occupy Wall Street Protestors are now the 100%

Multi-millionaire Michael Moore has spent the last few weeks expressing support and identifying with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Piers Morgan, one of the many hard-left CNN hosts, asked Michael Moore for an explanation of his actions in light of the fact that he’s a part of the 1%. The fact that Morgan challenged a fellow liberal may have appeared surprising at first and not in sync with the pass he usually hands them. It quickly became obvious though that his attempts to reason with Moore, albeit uselessly, was not in contradiction to his support for either OWS or Moore. He simply wished for the OWS protestors to be able to boast how the 99% has been joined by those in the 1%, thus garnering 100% support of the people. Moore, however, refused to cooperate, and turned and twisted his tongue in every way possible in order to avoid admitting the truth about his wealth which currently totals to fifty million dollars.

Listening to his fumbling mumblings, a panic and fear gripped me. Until now, as I watched videos of the OWS protestors which represent the 99%, I was comforted by the fact that 1% of the nation hasn’t joined them. I therefore dreamt and hoped of joining the 1% rich so that I too would be excluded of the OWS crowd. However, after listening to a 1% guy blast those who’ve helped him attain his wealth and identify with the OWS movement, there is no longer even a 1% which one can join to escape the kinship of the OWS crowd.

Buffett’s plea to pay more taxes despite the millions he owes in back-taxes was echoed at a San Francisco million dollar fundraiser for Obama last week attended exclusively by those making up the top of the 1%. These weren’t bitter gun clingers, but smart college-educated individuals who agree that the 1% should pay the tuition and most of the living expenses of the other 99%. Of course when discussing the 1% it somehow excludes them in action, but that is only understandable since they play the same game Michael Moore played on the Piers Morgan Show.

Until now they claimed to represent 99% of the people, now with the support of liberal richies such as the Moores and the Buffetts, they have succeeded in getting 100% of the country on their side.

Unless of course I’ve misunderstood the entire percent issue and the OWS is the one percent including Michael Moore, while the rest of the country makes up the other 99%.


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