Democrat's no longer differentiate between Good and Evil, but between Class and Race

 Throughout global history most countries were led by either dictators or monarchs. These leaders often imposed their will on the people using one of two similar methods. They divided and oppressed the people by creating class division or race derision, thus surrounding oneself with a core loyal base while intimidating and stifling the others. During the feudal era, Europe’s class system, designed by those in power, placed the majority of the people on the bottom rung where they served as serfs (close to slavery). This was followed by knights, lords, and then the king. To keep them from gaining power, movement was forbidden between the classes.

Class division is still rampant in India, where the poor or “the untouchables” have lived and still live lives of misery, much like the serfs. The upper castes have refused to mingle or have any contact with “the untouchables” although the last few years have finally begun to show a relaxation between the castes and greater opportunity for those from the lower castes.

Communism and socialism are additional forms of government who rule via class division. Although officially abolishing all class with the intention to make everyone equal, the results have proven to be otherwise. The majority of the people have been forced to be equally poor and tormented to form one large low class while a small percentage enforced the laws for the rest and lived luxurious lives which the others could only dream of.

Other governments heavily divided the country via their distinction of race. The two methods aren’t necessarily a contradiction, and governments often employed both. A specific religious group or ethnicity would be targeted because of their race, and would then be forced to the bottom rung of the social and economic ladder.

India’s division is largely based on religion between the Hindus and the Muslims. During the Medieval Era Spain had tormented all those who hadn’t accepted the Christian religion, burning the “traitors” alive at auto de fes. Chechnya and Bosnia are more recent examples of extreme racial division and torment which led to genocide. Saddam Hussein’s treatment of the Kurds in Iraq was of similar nature, and most Arabic countries are still extremely hostile to all non-Muslims. Hitler’s actions during World War II, where his goal to annihilate all Jews took preference over winning the war, is the ultimate example of race discrimination.

In a surprising twist for the first Republic in the world, the Democrat Party’s focus during the last several decades have changed from the distinction between evil and good, to division based upon race and class. Their actions cannot and are not being compared directly to those of murderers, though they do raise some questions.

Although the party leaders have often become rich off the backs of the people, they blast hardworking successful entrepreneurs who’ve made it to the top financially. All millionaires are depicted as greedy and uncaring despite the facts usually proving otherwise.

Although the Democratic Party considers itself the party of the poor, who have helped the poor since FDR’s days with endless financial programs, the opposite is true. Handing someone food stamps, welfare, free housing, free student loans, and all the rest promote laziness and poverty since all incentive to work hard and earn money disappears. The Democrat Party also shamelessly pits race against race so that they can collect their votes at the end of the day. They thus harp on the inequalities for blacks and Hispanics ignoring the faults which lie directly with them.

If the Democrats would truly care for Americans, they wouldn’t harp on one’s skin color or country of origin. The average American doesn’t do so since they see and value each individual for who they are. The Democrat Party, though, considers all voters and ordinary citizens to be bumbling fools who only need to be toyed with in order to receive their votes. They will therefore say one thing in front of the poor and do the direct opposite behind closed doors with the rich. They therefore demonize all who are enlightened to the truth of their actions such as tea partiers, conservatives, and many other open-minded Americans, for ignorance is the most valuable tool for the left.

Blasting those old white bitter folks cling to their guns and religions is a direct attack on race, religion, class, and age. There are good and evil people in every category, race, ethnic group, etc. and the Democrat’s decision to ignore the facts and instead dump an entire class into the evil basket is extremely disturbing. Race baiting in order to promote one’s self image is despicable and should not be tolerated.

It is time for America to wake up and smell the coffee. Elections are coming up in a bit over a year from now and much effort must be invested to inform those unaware of the Democrat’s actions. It is time to turn the country back to one united unity where all good is respected and all evil is hated without a glance to race, religion, ethnic group, or social class.


This article is cross-posted from The Thinking Voter.