New York City is leading the Way ... to Destruction

As a New Yorker, much focus has been given recently to New York, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and Bloomberg’s senseless response. New York has recently joined a tough competition with the likes of Oakland, California and other liberal strongholds as to who can better waste the taxpayer dollars handed to them while neglecting and shrinking aid in areas which the taxpayers would benefit most.

Rush Limbaugh had said of NYC, that before his first visit he imagined the streets and bridges to be paved from gold since taxes are higher than average and the population is far larger and crowded than that of equal areas. How shocked he was to see that the streets are riddled with more potholes and cracks than the average city across America.

New Yorkers are pretty much resigned to the fact that their taxes will continue to increase while basic services will decrease. The MTA is the sample of bureaucracy gone awry. After raising the fares several times within the past few years, eliminating quite a few bus and train lines, and cutting the amount of buses and trains per line, they are once again complaining of a lack of funds.

Their newest solution? Remove all wastebaskets from all subway stations! For those of you scratching your heads in confusion, here’s the explanation. Since the city can’t handle the trash removal of the 468 stations, often leading to overflowing bins, they’ve hit a brainstorm of a solution! Removing all cans will remove all garbage, thus saving them loads of money spent to empty the waste baskets while eliminating the rats who’ve overtaken the subways. They have currently already removed all cansfrom two large stations and will be conducting a two month trial before proceeding across the rest of the city.

Since I bet you couldn’t figure out for yourselves what the results would be, here’s an image at one of the two stations after the removal of the cans.

h/t NY Daily News

As an aside, trash pile-ups in the tracks is the most common cause for track fires, and the removal is usually the cause of considerable delays. Sure seems like a money-saving idea, don’t you agree? And those poor rats are surely starving these days!

In case you’re wondering when, where, and what is done with the millions of taxpayer money, have no fear. Bloomberg has plenty of resources at hand when he politely requested from the “law-abiding” Wall Street Protestors to temporarily evacuate Zuccotti Park so the city can clean their filth.

So no more trash cans so you can get rid of your empty cup of coffee, but protestors, go ahead and use our streets as public bathrooms, we’ll clean it up for you!

Yes, New York City is surely leading the way as to what this country may look like with four more years of Obama and liberalism in control.


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