“Occupy Wall Street” Protestors considered as law-abiding Individuals by the Nanny of NYC

A complete month has passed since the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors have parked themselves in the midst of Manhattan. Thousands of loonies have set up camp in a park across Wall Street and are adamant to remain there until their unknown demands are met.

Mayor Bloomberg, in his classic graciousness to everyone and anything except for the cities’ residents, proudly welcomed the protestors and proclaimed that they may remain indefinitely as long as they abide all the laws.

Bloomberg’s statement hasn’t come as much of a surprise to the residents of NYC, since the city is one of the centers of liberalism and is led by an environmentalist power-hungry liberal. Its dedication and allegiance is thus solely to the planet, the environment, and the liberal agenda. His failed attempts to appeal to the protestors simply mirrors his past behaviors such as his applause and support for the Ground Zero Mosque or his immediate jump to blame tea partiers when a bomb was discovered in Time Square.

Bloomberg’s statement may at first glance appear to be reasonable and fair, except when one take note of the total lack of action towards the lawlessness amongst the protestors, in a city where minor offenses meet harsh punishments.

In a city where meter maids and traffic cops have replaced many regular cops, additional regulations are passed regarding every step an individual takes, and fines for the slightest offense becomes the norm, Bloomberg’s treatment of the protestors is extremely ironic. Why, for damaging a public tree one can be slapped with a fine of up to $15,000 and/or imprisonment anywhere from 90 days to a complete year. However, apparently defecating, urinating and having sex in public, open drug dealing and many other crimes committed by the protestors aren’t considered criminal enough for it to be considered as not “abiding the laws” although ordinary citizens would’ve long been handcuffed and fined for lesser actions.

The fact that the place has become a public bathroom in addition to a garbage dump hasn’t concerned Bloomberg in the least. This is actually surprising from the mayor who’s notorious for the large fines handed out because of a stray piece of paper the wind has blown over onto your property or even onto the road within 12 inches of the sidewalk. Apparently it wasn’t the cleanliness or lack of it that spurred him to create these laws, but the additional venue to milk some money out of the citizens while promoting a noble cause.

One can thereby understand Bloomberg’s comments in the face of the blatant lawlessness and his apathy towards the protestors’ actions. Since these individuals are obviously broke, and fining them would be a waste of time since it’s guaranteed to never be paid, why not pretend instead that no laws have been broken? Besides, why bother enforcing the laws if those committing the crimes aren’t tax-paying citizens or a part of those dangerous tea party right wingers?

I guess some of these protestors will have to chop down a tree, make a salt and trans-fat party, or commit some other liberal offense for the nanny of the state to realize that not all laws are being abided.


This article has been cross-posted at The Thinking Voter.