Coulter Lies, Yet the Conservative Media is Silent

Ann Coulter’s bizarre behavior towards Christie is getting pretty boring save that her love affair may be rewarded with Christie re-re-re-re-contemplating a presidential run only to respond once again in the negative.

I’ve already written several months ago about how her support for Christie directly contradicts the conservative ideology she identifies with. For quite a while she’s played ignorance and twisted some facts when necessary so that her support of Christie should still fit with her conservative mold.

Last Tuesday though, Coulter was interviewed by Hannity on his radio show and, in addition to her baseless raves over Christie, she lied outright in order to defend her support in him.

Amongst other questions regarding Christie’s record, Hannity questioned Christie’s silence at a time when twenty seven governors from both conservative and not such conservative states had filed lawsuits against Obamacare. Coulter became shrill and defensive and sunk to outright lies in an effort to preserve the twisted image of Christie she had engraved in her mind. She spouted false facts namely that those state have filed the lawsuits before Christie’s election, and then countered that it made no sense for Christie to add his name to something which occurred in the past and is over and done with. Instead, he spent his time fighting the real liberal issues in his state.

Coulter’s response is a 100% lie. Not only have the lawsuits not yet been filed when Christie took office on January 19, 2010, but Obamacare had still been in the works and not yet signed into law. It was signed into law March of 2010 which is two months after he took office and the first few states immediately filed lawsuits after the bill’s passage. Additional states joined existing lawsuits or created new lawsuits, with some of the states having joined almost a complete year later and only a couple of months ago. Oklahoma joined as recently as January of 2011, and they were not alone.

For the sake of pretense, let’s pretend Christie would’ve been sworn in as Governor just one month ago or that Obamacare and the lawsuits occurred a complete year before he became Governor. Despite it not having occurred during his watch, wouldn’t a conservative governor want his state to join the others in their fight against Obamacare? New Jersey will be affected negatively by Obamacare once it goes fully into effect just like the rest of the country. Having his state join one of the lawsuits would’ve put the topic back into the headlines and ignite passion once again to have the bill reversed.

A majority of the citizens still want to see Obamacare repealed and replaced or at least repaired. All conservative candidates including Romney have promised to either completely repeal or at least repair Obamacare. What a load of nonsense from Coulter to demand bygones be bygones when one can still attempt to stop the monster which threatens to overtake a fifth of the private sector and will change forever our healthcare system as we know it. Doesn’t she want our future president to take action against it?

Nice try, Ann Coulter. Try again. If Christie is a conservative and anti-Obamacare why hasn’t he joined over half of the country’s governors who are questioning its constitutionality? Why? Shouldn’t a Governor join an ongoing battle against such a monstrosity even ten years later? How much time and effort would it have cost Christie to join the others?

Additionally, although Coulter repeatedly cited Christie to be pro-life, her saying so until she’s blue in the face will not change the facts. A mere glance at his past record clearly illustrates his pro-choice stance, and his recent lip-changing should not be enough for a true pro-lifer.

So he’s not conservative, not anti-Obamacare, not pro-life, and these are just several facts she’s gotten wrong in the span of a few minutes during one interview. Let alone the previous ones at which she claimed he had no take on illegals or the borders when in fact he has expressed his views on the topic, and they’re not conservative at all, to say the least.

What surprised men the most, is that when Coulter mocked Palin without anything to back her up, many “conservative” sites pounced upon her statement, spreading it and stretching it with open glee. On the other hand, when she messed up big time on Hannity about Christie, no comments or questions were directed her way at any of the above sites.

I guess those sites were too busy last week with more important stuff such as posting twenty posts to remind their readers that Palin hasn’t announced yet. I wonder if they’ll do the same after she announces; remind their readers every hour that the field has changed.

As for Coulter, her decision to back Romney if Christie doesn’t run, says far more about her conservatism than anything else possibly can.

This article is cross-posted from The Thinking Voter.