So is there no room in the Republican Primary for a Candidate who fought corruption in her own Party? Or is it too late?

The federal government has reached monstrous proportions yet seems intent to expand some more.

It has become an open secret that Washington is heavily corrupted and most politicians are focused on furthering their own interests and the interests of those who line their pockets rather than the interests of the people who sent them to Washington. Corruption is something that plagues politicians on both sides of the aisle. “Pay to play” has become the norm. It no longer causes raised eyebrows or shocked surprise to hear that those who’ve contributed considerably to politicians’ elections are then “paid back” with political positions or/and grants courtesy of taxpayer funds. As Governor Palin has mentioned in her speech several weeks ago in Iowa, it isn’t coincidental that seven out the ten richest suburbs are located in Washington D.C. Endless regulations for the ordinary citizens while inserting loopholes for their buddies provide politicians plenty of cash for their campaign coffers.

Many individuals are currently running in the Republican primary in the hope to challenge Obama in the general elections with each of them having their pros and cons; some greater than others. A future president must have executive experience, a sound fiscal record, and a proven commitment to the conservative ideology amongst many other qualities. In addition to all these “musts,” there’s one aspect without which it will be impossible to take the train heading to disaster and make a complete U-turn.

It’s absolutely vital that the future leader of this country should be capable of responding positively to the following questions, and the fact that none of the current candidates is able to do so is extremely troubling.

Which one of the candidates can respond with a resounding yes to: Have you ever challenged the “status quo” in the past? Have you ever taken up corruption within your own party? Have you ever fought special interests which pressure politicians to promote an agenda which benefits them rather than the people?

Unfortunately, the current field can respond in affirmation to the following: Have you done your best to “show your appreciation” to big donors and done your utmost to remain on the best terms possible with influential individuals in your state/district?

Americans are desperate for a fearless leader who is ready to lead the country back to its previous strengths through the dismantling of backroom deals and uprooting the way business in Washington is being currently conducted.

Listening to Sarah Palin’s speech from September third, the stark difference between Palin and the others has become even more obvious. It can be pretty challenging to explain to the average American the advantages of Palin’s policies which created jobs, the lower unemployment levels in her state in comparison to the rest of the country, or the spending cuts implemented at a time of economic growth. One has to delve into figures and percentages often leaving the potential voter confused and unconvinced of what these figures indicate.

Palin stands above the crowd with the proven record of that which is most important after being a true conservative. It is easy to explain and requires no complex “proofs” since it’s not something which the left or media have ever denied about Sarah. Sarah Palin has taken on special interests and corruptions ever since she joined the political field often at the expense of her own political career. Not only did she fight the big oil companies and members of her party, when faced with corruption vs. honesty, falsehood vs. truth, wrong vs. right, she fearlessly exposed the wrongdoing of many no matter their political standing. When she discovered that the Chairman of the Republican Party in Alaska which was also a fellow board member on the Oil and Gas Commission was involved in corrupt dealings, she called him out on it and fought for the truth until he admitted his guilt and resigned. Although this alienated her from most members of her party, it didn’t stop her from shortly thereafter calling out the Attorney General of the State for his corrupt deeds despite pressure from the Governor to drop the case. There too the truth was on her side, and the Attorney General was forced to resign.

Palin has never allowed herself to be beholden to donations of large corporations who expect payback for their support. Rather, her campaign was funded by the people so that when elected she could lead a “clean government” and not be tied down to anyone but the people.

As the time of Palin’s decision nears, the fools have emerged from their holes and have proclaimed that there’s simply no room for her in the race although allowing room for others. In desperation, they create polls and proofs in a futile attempt to persuade Palin to stay out of the race. They run around convincing the crowds that she won’t run and shouldn’t run and then point to the people polled who don’t want her in the race, ignoring that many of these people have based their opinion because of their talk and columns the last couple of weeks such as those of Dick Morris whose predictions tend to never see the light. Morris wrote that Palin can’t compete with Bachmann on a single issue not finding it necessary to mention Bachmann’s lack of executive experience or record.

There isn’t just plenty of room for Sarah Palin. There is a great need for her to run because the people deserve to have someone who can answer these tough questions by pointing to their record.


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