A Palin Victory Doesn’t Depend On a Date

A Palin victory will depend on the decisions the voters will make based upon her record in Alaska and the solutions she presents to the problems currently plaguing this country.

Once a primary is running full force, most voters don’t remember or give the slightest hoot as to which candidate had jumped in a full year ahead of the game and which candidate is only in the race a half a year or three quarters of a year. Votes based on such calculations are petty, foolish, and therefore probably non-existent. When questioned at exit polls, voters usually point to a particular position on policy which they feel strongly about, or an approach to a current problem and which they feel their candidate has got it right.

Yes, in 2008 many voted for Obama mainly to assuage their conscience, feel righteous, and join those creating history. But by and large, especially in difficult times, voters vote for a candidate because of their confidence in him or her to lead the country and to deal with the issues.

Additionally, Obama’s grandiose though empty promises were also the deciding factor for many of those who voted for him and were swept up, up, up and away in his euphoric rhetoric only to have since landed back to reality with a painful thud. In 2012, promises will therefore not be enough. Candidates are and will continue to be requested to provide proof to their claims and promises via their records and undergo careful scrutiny and questioning about specifics in their past.

Those that have repeatedly attempted to nail Palin down to a date at which she must declare her candidacy or the games is over, are therefore either ignorant of the facts or purposely attempting to mislead the people. For what difference does it now make to anyone that Romney has announced his candidacy on the specific date he chose to do so or that Perry’s announcement came after Romney’s?

Since these are the same individuals who mock the millions of her supporters as idiotic and foolish for allowing themselves to be strung along and taken for a ride, it appears to be the latter. For her supporters are comprised of a diverse group of Americans who are united in that they actually aren’t afraid to think for themselves and haven’t allowed the pundits to decide for them who they must support and vote for. They falsely portray the vast majority of her supporters as cultists, worshipers, and the like, totally ignoring the incredible amounts of knowledge these supporters know about her record, which is why they are ready to do all they can to see her win this nomination. It’s not about the person itself, but about the ideology, record, and achievements behind her, and the clear and bold solutions she constantly presents to ensure success in the future, which no other candidate comes close to her heels.

It’s pretty comical to watch how many who’ve gone utterly berserk over the fact that Palin hasn’t yet announced her candidacy despite her having said last week that there won’t be any announcement before the end of September, are the very same people who’ve had no problem when other candidates such as Perry has retracted his promise from the 2010 campaign not to run for the presidency. If it’s perfectly understandable that times have changed in the last year and a half which thus caused him to have a change of mind, how is that so different from pushing off a decision another couple of days or weeks due to political shifting? This isn’t a reversal on policy such as Perry on Gardasil and Romney on just about everything. The actual timing of the announcement, although it may have an effect on the style and other aspects of her campaign, won’t be of any serious significance to the voters in the weeks and months afterwards.

Ultimately, a decision will be made and we will all be privy to it. Those who’ve mocked and derided her for stringing along her supporters while not planning to run and seeking only publicity and attention will probably be proven wrong, and left to scramble with something somewhat comprehensible in response, while those who’ve had to deal with the scorn and endless name-calling will watch in amusement. For those who laugh last, laugh best.

This article is cross-posted from The Thinking Voter.