Why is Martin Luther King’s Dream still a Dream?

When an individual or group of people have a goal they dream of reaching, once the hoped for is attained the focus shifts to the actual accomplishment while the rest fades to the background.

When the colonists were under British rule they dreamed of freedom and sovereignty. Before and during the Revolutionary War, they were entirely focused on overthrowing the British and gaining independence. Once the colonists emerged victorious and their dream a reality, their focus shifted. At a day to day basis the talk no longer revolved around their old hopes but at the new-found freedom and current challenges. Several decades and now centuries down the road haven’t erased the hopes, struggles, and victory; they will never be forgotten. Rather it is stored backstage to be brought out front on occasion such as on Independence Day.

It is now over close to 50 years after Martin Luther King delivered his renowned “I have a Dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Why is his dream still stressed upon on a constant basis especially amongst Democrats and African American leaders and not its accomplishments? Why hasn’t it yet been relegated to backstage together with other historical speeches? Why has his dream not yet been actualized? Why do African Americans suffer from greater poverty, higher unemployment, and weaker education?

The left has put to power several shameful individuals who brainwash their base in the greatness of the Democrat Party and their generosity through government programs while demonizing the conservative movement as greedy uncaring racists.

Breitbart.tv has recently put out two short videos; the first video features Al Sharpton on his new MSNBC show blaming racist segregationist Tea Partiers for wanting to return to the pre-1960’s while the second video has highlights of speeches of many members of the Congressional Black Caucus at jobs town hall meetings in five cities at which they spewed hatred towards the tea party and unabashedly used the race card to incite the attendees against conservatives. The CBC leaders used false violent rhetoric from the right such as tea party members wanting blacks hanging from trees, in order to condone their promotion of violence against the right.

The Democrat Party, the CBC, and Al Sharpton have crowned themselves as the leaders of the African American communities and as the only ones who care and fight for their needs. What accomplishments can they point to besides for digging many African Americans even deeper into the holes of entitlement and helplessness? Why not empower them to the point where they’ll be equal to all and that there shouldn’t be a need for a CBC? Aha – perhaps because they want to avoid precisely that since that would cause them to lose a considerable amount of their power, money, and standing they currently have at the expense of the black communities!

Al Sharpton and the CBC’s silence after Pelosi and the left went on a “civil rights” march proclaiming the passing of Obamacare as equal to the emancipation of slavery reveals their disconnect of the people they claim to represent. Where was the outrage? Do they find the tortures of slavery and the denial of basic rights every human should be entitled to as comparable to the “right” of free health care to the poor at the expense of those better off? What does this hint about Pelosi and the Democrats who have made this illogical comparison yet claim to be the party for the blacks? Come to think of it, what has Obama, the first black president, done for the African American community besides for creating policies which increased unemployment and dependency on government? Where are the marches of protest led by Al Sharpton against the elimination of school choice in D.C. by Obama despite it having been proven to raise the educational level of local African American children?

This obvious hypocrisy can easily be understood when looking back at one incident with the opposite responses of two individuals.

Twenty years ago in Crown Heights, NY a Jewish driver struck a car, swerved onto the sidewalk and hit an African American child, Gavin Cato. The neighborhood at the time had a considerable population of both Jews and blacks and many hotheaded African American teenagers took to the Jewish neighborhoods, vandalizing Jewish property and attacking Jews. While many responded civilly, others including many who were bussed in rioted for three full days beating and plundering left and right.

The father of the dead child, Carmel Cato although deeply pained, declared he had no bad feelings against the driver in particular and Jews in general. Despite his depth of character, he was never named by the media or Democrat party who claim to represent the black population as a civil rights leader who builds relationships between communities. Nor was he crowned as a spokesperson of the black community, or offered to host a TV show.

Al Sharpton joined the scene and further incited the rioters with his focus on race and “peace” marches blasting the Jewish people using anti-Semitic slurs and chanting “no justice, no peace.” Why is it that Al Sharpton, who will use every opportunity he could think of to remind African Americans of their skin color and not of their character, is considered by the left and the media as the spokesperson for the African American community and a civil rights leader who builds relationships between communities? What has made him worthy to recently receive a show to host on MSNBC?

I’m an employee in a retail shop and meet many great people including hardworking African Americans whom I greatly respect for their honorable character and intelligence. Why aren’t any of them or their likes representing their communities in congress? Why is it that the only two African American’s currently serving in congress which were voted into office by a mostly white district are conservative Republicans, and the voters conservatives?

Allen West and Tim Scott, the two Republican African Americans and many other conservative African Americans face heat from the so-called “true” African-American leaders for rejecting their people. How wrong! They should be the ultimate example to their fellow African Americans as to where hard work can take you no matter your skin color! Jesse Jackson and the other CBC members mainly represent districts heavily populated by African Americans who voted for them based on their skin color.

Allen West and Tim Scott were elected because of their achievements without a second glance at their skin color. Democrats are known to divide the nation into blocs based on their ethnicity, economic position, etc. in order to unite them against each other and receive their votes. Republicans look at each individual for who they are, what they stand for, what they’ve accomplished, and plan to accomplish in the future.

Martin Luther King had a dream; that people should be valued according to character and not color. The conservative movement has actualized the dream, thus not finding it necessary to constantly mention the dream, the same way they don’t constantly stress on other former dreams such as having been British colonists yearning for freedom. On the other hand, Democrats continually harp on the dream, hoping it should remain forever a dream.

Hopefully after the shameful actions of the Obama administration, the CBC, and other African American leaders are exposed for what they truly are, the African American communities will recognize the truths, abandon their victim status, reach greater heights and watch Martin Luther King’s dream finally being actualized.


Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.