Reflections PLUS Winning Photos of the ‘Everyone But Me Is To Blame’ Bus Tour


Obama’s three-day bus tour has come to an end, costing you and me only a coupla million dollars and change.

Yes, I dare to question Obama’s use of our money when “meeting” Americans because of Obama’s record.

You see, Obama has already passed one stimulus and repeatedly expresses his desire to pass an additional stimulus bill in order to create those jobs the first one failed to do. This is because Obama believes that the president and the government are the only ones capable of stimulating the economy and creating employment for the unemployed. Obama’s bus tour which is both, government funded and led by the president is therefore deserving of an analysis of its effectiveness in stimulating the economy.

Stimulating the economy? But of course!

Isn’t a tour the ultimate boost the economy has been waiting for all this time? Even the mantra surrounding the trip is so noble and selfless; talking about economy growth and job creation. What, is talking about jobs not good enough for you, you bitter folks? You want His Highness to actually do that which he preaches? Well, it just so happens to be, that while he’s been talking the talk he’s been simultaneously doing the deed! Just take a look at how many enterprises have benefited from the campaign jobs tour. The bus company, the drivers, the secret service agents working overtime, gas stations, restaurants, and numerous others too lengthy too list. Why, the result will be felt within ten years from now in an earsplitting boomerang echoing from coast to coast.

obama walks to bus NY Post

How is it possible for someone to speak negatively of the jet black bus Obama used on his trip without getting called a racist? What difference does it make to anyone that the two buses Obama and his team traveled around with, which cost us taxpayers a whopping 1.1 million each, were made in Canada by a Canadian company? Hasn’t he created enough jobs with the tour? And the fact that he headed specifically to the Midwest, flying with Air Force One to Michigan in order to begin his tour there rather than taking the bus straight from the White House is totally unrelated to some election occurring in a little over a year. The White House clearly responded to all critics that the president wished to meet “real folks in real places” who unfortunately don’t seem to exist anywhere between D.C. and Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. My apologies to those of states like Kentucky, West Virginia, Montana, or Tennessee.

Obama’s non-stimulus tour thus explains why the left was so outraged at Palin’s “One Nation” tour. You see, every single penny surrounding Palin’s bus tour consisted of private sector funds with no government funding whatsoever!  How can anyone possibly expect to stimulate the economy effectively without using taxpayer funds? The private sector is incapable of producing jobs without any governmental aid. (For clarification read paragraph one again.)

palin with one nation bus

Additionally, how can crowds show up and help stimulate the economy without revealing one’s itinerary? Keeping the public (and the media) in suspense doesn’t leave room for the coordination of crowds to be bussed in which would boost more bus companies (American ones), gas stations, and all local shops within the square 100 mile range, similar to what the unions and Democrats masterfully arrange for Obama’s visits.

Besides, Palin’s bus emitted global warming carbon, instead of running on ethanol or electricity. It’s true that Obama’s bus ran neither on ethanol nor on battery, but it was impossible to do so because of security issues as per the commands of the secret service.

Palin’s bus had made stops at many local eateries encouraging obesity and unhealthy eating habits, while Obama’s deliberations over which pie to choose, (final decision: one whole coconut pie and two slices each of three other pies) was a pretense, sacrificing his personal health solely to please the shop owner and boost the economy.

;obama choosing a pie

obama hands over coconut pie in MN

Many on the right have criticized Obama’s bus for not having the USA flag displayed on it. Don’t you remember Palin’s One Nation Bus Tour being criticized by NBC for politicizing the flag which is unconstitutional? If Palin, a private citizen, and her bus which was paid for by the private sector were lambasted, could you imagine the outrage if the president himself would use taxpayer money to put the image of the flag on a jobs bus? Besides, just think of the disgrace to the flag located on Palin’s bus which is unshielded during harsh weather.

One last note to some taxpayers still grumbling for having to foot the bill for Obama’s latest photo-op bus tour: If Obama’s buses would’ve been sponsored by private donations, the luxury buses would’ve been placed in the same category as the luxury jets — which we all know deserve additional taxes,  to thus provide further funding for the vital needs of the federal government.

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Update: Obama’s tour has stimulated one business for real: Photoshopping images!!

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