Ny-9: Bob Turner Ad and the (In)Tolerance of the Left about 9/11 (video)

When a radical Imam announced his intentions to build a fifteen story mosque near ground zero, refusing offers to build it elsewhere, it proved his intention to build it precisely there because of its proximity to the spot where over three thousand civilians lost their lives. Although Feisal Abdul Rauf claims he wishes to promote peace and tolerance, his actions are as uncaring and intolerant as any act can get.

Obama and the left supported the Imams plans for the mosque, admonishing those who opposed it for their lack of tolerance towards moderate Muslims. Obama disregarded the fact that his support of the mosque was intolerant and showed a total dismissal of the pain and suffering the families and friends who lost their loved ones on 9/11 live with every day.

It is known that the left cringes whenever July Fourth is mentioned since many people tend to associate love of country with the Republican Party, thereby providing them a boost. They therefore do their utmost to avoid reporting anything that stirs feelings of patriotism, while spinning and attacking the right whenever they do so. 9/11 caused the entire nation to respond in unity against the evil perpetrated against their brothers and sisters. Playing images of 9/11 is therefore tantamount to evoking those emotions of solidarity.

Fighting terrorism has become a Republican thing to do. Reminding voters of the left’s cowardly attempts to appease extremists therefore deserves to be slammed by the media and the left.

In the current race for the upcoming special elections for the congressional seat in NY-9, Bob Turner put out an ad with an image of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and then followed with a replay of his opponent’s support for the mosque as seen below.

The left erupted at Turner for politicizing the tragedy to advance his personal agenda while disregarding the feelings of the families.

Aha! So when Obama uses the death of Osama Bin Laden as self-promotional material while our soldiers are still battling the enemy and endangering their lives, not a peeps is his heard in protest of the left. Nor do they condemn Obama’s sharing military secrets with a private company which will release a video of the raid which captured Osama a month before the 2012 elections. But Turner’s ad which shows an image of the burning twin towers needs to be decried as insensitive to the victims’ families. Why pay attention to the fact that his ad is showing his empathy of their added pain because the planned mosque?

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