So, how's the Bullying Workin' Out for Ya?

The left poured millions of dollars down the drain in their failed attempt to grab control of the Wisconsin State Senate through the recall of six State Senators.

The elections, which took place this past Tuesday, resulted in only two out of the six races as victorious for the Democrats while the other four remained Republican, and not by a narrow margin. Republicans retained the majority, and therefore, the control of the State Senate.

The Democrats’ lack of success is stunning since they were the ones that targeted these six specific seats with a recall, confident in their ability to defeat them.

The last few months found the Democrats and union bosses in a frenzy. Besides the stupendous sum spent, they employed every dirty tactic available such as having the unions threaten to boycott any business which didn’t support collective bargaining for public employees with signs in their store-windows.

The union bullies also organized protests all across the state with many of the demonstrators carrying signs replete with threats, foul language, and Nazi symbols. At the state fair last week, leftist thugs attacked many innocent participants which they suspected in supporting the Republican candidates. And of course the media attacked the evil Republicans and used their polls as “proof” of the people’s rejection and the unpopularity of the heartless Republicans.

Despite the Democrats efforts– the people in Wisconsin voted otherwise. Thus, the reported $15 million-plus bought them a total of two seats, resulting in Twitter being inundated Tuesday night with jokes about the Wisconsin Democrats getting less bang for their buck than even the hugely wasteful Obama stimulus, which cost taxpayers almost three hundred thousand dollars per job created.

The good news about the fifteen million wasted in Wisconsin? This time around we weren’t the ones funding it!

And the better news: in just one week, two Democrat state senators will face recall elections which will quite likely put the Democrats back to square one, and slashing their current victory in half. While the final dollar amount Democrats will dump into the upcoming two races is still unknown, their coffers are already thirty million lighter.

Fear not liberals, there’s some good news for you too! If this week’s elections would’ve come even a couple of days later, you wouldn’t have won those two seats because of the public’s outrage of the despicable acts and destruction from the Verizon union strikers.

Tuesday’s elections provide a preview of 2012 and the true sentiments of the voters, despite Democrats’ denial and deafness to the facts.

Charlie Cook warned this Tuesday of a blood bath for both sides of the aisle in a repeat of 1992 where both parties lost over ten seats. The basis of his analysis? A nonsensical Democrat-funded New York Times poll of fewer than one thousand adults which found that 85% of those polled prefer compromise over principles.

A quick reminder: This is the very same Charlie Cook who predicted in 2009 (before political opportunist Specter’s party switch) that the Democrats will pick up another couple of seats in the Senate in 2010 propelling them past the 60th seat they then needed to prevent a filibuster from the right.

My gut feeling tells me his accuracy this time around will mirror that of 2009.

Wisconsin has proven both in the reelection of David Prosser and in the overwhelming Republican victory Tuesday how desperately indeed the people really seek compromise over principle.

I don’t expect Charlie Crook and the other elitists to bow for the truth with the humility and respect Obama has shown in his bow for the Saudi Arabian king. However, I do have great expectations for Washington being forced in 2012 to bow, against their will, to the will of the people.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com, is a contributor at Conservatives4Palin, and  can be followed on twitter.