Keith Olbermann’s nostalgia for the 60’s

A week after the historic debt ceiling compromise has passed, which mostly involved the RINO’s caving to the demands of the Democrats, Keith Olbermann had an emotion-laden message to the public.

Following in the footsteps of Rahm Emanuel who advised the Obama team to never let a serious crisis go to waste, Olbermann used the Democrat caused crisis of debt default as a tool to encourage further crisis.

He demanded from his listeners to return to the 1960’s with protests and boycotts explaining that the politicians and the media have acted in their own interests (read; aren’t liberal enough) and allowed “the economic stupidity of a mandated Balanced Budget Amendment” which the Republican’s demanded, as part of the debt deal. It seems like Olbermann is not happy enough that the Balanced Budget Amendment, although far from a done deal and still has to be voted on, is a possibility in the making.

Olbermann blasted the Republicans reasoning that “a constitutional amendment denying us to run a deficit is madness.”

He questioned the soundness of a spending cap for the government in a burst of strict constitutionalism.  What a foolish, destructive, and outright dangerous Amendment the Republicans are trying to force down the people, which literally ties the hands of the government, Keith cried. If a crisis hits unexpectedly, whether a natural disaster, terrorist attack, war, or other emergency it won’t allow the government to spend even a single dollar over its set budget!

Olbermann continued with the current economy as a “crisis” which “requires” additional government spending using Hoover’s supposed lack of spending as proof of its necessity.

Indeed, if the Balanced Budget Amendment passes how will the left fulfill their mantra of “never allowing a crisis to go to waste?”

Here’s a great idea, Keith!

If you’re so concerned for the future of this country, why haven’t you checked out what a very stupid idiot which you’ve been busy slamming non-stop the past several years has actually done?

That person actually cut unnecessary spending from her state budget which resulted in a twelve billion dollar surplus so that in case of a crisis, the state should have the funds to spend without putting itself into debt! In case you haven’t figured out whom I’m referring to, that woman is Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska whose ideas are sounder than yours and your hero Obama.

And if it should happen that America suffers from a real crisis and is short on funds, and by that I don’t mean another panic-induced purported crisis, don’t you think two thirds of congress would immediately agree on a vote to allow the U.S. to spend on credit?

Listening to your fiery rant against the right it finally clarified your hatred at Sarah Palin for bringing out to the open that Obama had been palling around with terrorists such as Bill Ayers. It’s because you think back nostalgically to the 60’s and actually miss the good old wild days of Ayers and others like him in action. Your call to your followers to “be mad” and “rise not violently but insistently” with “strikes, boycotts, protests, sit-ins, non-cooperations, and take-overs” against the dangerous Conservatives you incite them against would indeed end non-violently; with the help of the police department.

Thanks Keith, for the clarification and for providing such an entertaining segment after such a disappointing debt deal.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.