The Reaction to Palin's Announcement and a Friendly Warning to Perry

It is well known and oft-repeated that if one seeks a peek into the future, one merely has to glance back to the past since history constantly repeats itself.

I therefore decided to describe the upcoming day of Palin’s announcement although I don’t profess to be a prophet or have any visionary powers, through a simple walk down memory lane.

August 29, 2008.

It was the end of a week-long Democratic Convention at which thousands were kept hostage (as Obama is opt to say) to speeches of Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and many other top Democratic speakers. Obama’s poll figures, as expected, continued inching their way upward.

The climax of the convention of course was Thursday night when Obama stood beside the Greek pillars in an open stadium and captivated tens of millions of viewers watching with bated breaths as he promised to solve all their issues and all problems plaguing this world.

Friday morning.

CBS, NBC, Fox News, ABC and all other media outlets were playing and replaying sound bites of Obama’s speech with commentators analyzing and praising his every statement. However, despite the coverage they gave to the Convention, an undercurrent was felt creeping in from behind.

John McCain had already made up his mind over who his running mate will be and although his choice would become public in but a couple of hours, curiosity was at an all-time high, in an accumulation of all the guesses and opinions that have been swirling through the air the last several weeks.

Focus shifted from Obama as speculation began to fill the air. While Lieberman and Giuliani appeared pretty unlikely as the VP pick, they were not ruled out. Analysts attempted to predict who McCain had chosen and which partner would give him the greatest boost, with Huckabee, Pawlenty and Romney at the top of the list. Ridge, Jindal and Palin’s name were mentioned infrequently as an out-of-the-box option, but consensus believed it would be Romney or Pawlenty.

Suddenly the pace picked up with a breathless report that Pawlenty had been contacted and he responded that “I’m not coming to Ohio” but will attend the state fair, which basically ruled him out. Others reported a reply from Romney that he too won’t be attending the rally in Dayton, Ohio at which the McCain campaign rally and much-anticipated announcement was scheduled to take place. And so, as the hours rolled on, more and more of the expected candidates were taken off the table.

Of course, all this time at every top and bottom of the hour the media still continued to replay the Messiah’s words which he had given the previous night, standing far above the crowd, electrifying all with his promises to change the world and solve all its problems.

As the time drew nearer reports began to fly thick and quick.

Reports of a plane from Alaska that had landed the previous night in Middletown, Ohio of which several individuals including a female were swept off into a waiting car circulated the blogosphere, while AP announced it had contacted a Palin spokesperson in Alaska who said she’ll be watching the fireworks from her hometown in Wasilla, Alaska.

As time passed with the list of potential picks narrowed down and with increasing evidence pointing to Alaska, at last, Fox News and others received confirmation from the McCain camp, and a short while later McCain stunned the nation with his choice of a nationally unknown figure, though well-known in her home state with a positive approval rating of 88% percent.

Sarah Palin.

A governor who fought corruption within her own party, whose state benefited of a surplus because of her policies, and whose state had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country in an increasingly difficult economic time. A mother and wife who brought five beautiful children to this world including a member in the military and a down-syndrome baby, much to the horror of the media.

The replays of Obama’s speech came to a screeching halt a mere twelve hours after it had been given, and all the attention was diverted to the popular, first female governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who has been chosen as John McCain’s running mate.

Sarah Palin’s speech was a combination of brilliance and simplicity, highlighting her convictions, common sense, and courage, which swept the crowds into wild applause over her many achievements. To millions glued to their TV’s across the country, Sarah Palin personified the American ideology and the American dream.

The entire media was thrown into a ruckus and turmoil. The Obama team delayed their take-off with several hours in an attempt to gather nonexistent negative information against Palin as they had no ad prepared about her and were just as shocked with the announcement as the majority of the country.

The media and Obama team immediately sprang into action with dozens of lawyers and reporters sent to overturn every rock in Alaska in a hunt for some hidden scandals regarding Palin. The next few days were a desperate chase for something – anything — to throw against her. McCain’s poll numbers began a climb upwards, and finding nothing, the media began a shameful campaign against Palin which has never quite come to an end.

They first began with the claim that Trig, her down-syndrome baby wasn’t truly hers but rather her daughter Bristol’s, and after being proven wrong when it was discovered that Bristol was actually pregnant, they pounced upon the fact as evidence of Palin’s ineptness.

The media also proclaimed Palin to be part of the AIP which wants Alaskans should vote whether they want to remain a part of the United States of America, and that she banned certain books as Mayor of Wasilla, but of course these false attacks were proven to be untrue with the latter an outright lie as the books she supposedly banned weren’t yet written at the time she was Mayor. And so the week continued with every thinkable and unthinkable derogatory item the media could possibly imagine, thrown at her.

The following Wednesday night Palin once again addressed the nation at the Republican Convention, connecting to every day American-loving citizens with her unique sense of humor and deep patriotism for her country. She aimed some light jabs comparing Obama’s community organizing to the responsibilities of a mayor, and sent a news flash to his 20,000 press secretaries of media members that she’s “not going to Washington to seek their good opinion – I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country.”

No wonder that just several days after the country got to hear from the successful governor, and former successful mayor, city council member and business owner, John McCain and Sarah Palin surged ahead in the polls a full ten points.

So for those of you wondering what the morning Sarah Palin announces her bid for the presidency will be like, here’s how I see it based upon the past.

The media will be speechless once again; disbelief and denial on their faces at having their worst nightmare come true. Having thrown all they’ve had and didn’t have against her in the past, the mad scramble for a juicy (nonexistent) story to stop her in her tracks will begin once again in a feverish frenzy, greater than ever before.

For two days Chris Matthews and the others will scream incoherently as the lawyers and teams will once again be sent to fine-comb every word Palin has ever uttered, and when nothing will turn up new theories will be combined with all the old and will be hurtled against her in repeated attacks with the hope to destroy the enemy.

Obviously, news of any of the other campaigns and even about Obama will fall to the wayside or some middle page in the newspapers, as seen three years ago, with Palin taking center stage. The others will valiantly fight to at least be seen in her shadow rather than finding themselves completely offstage.

And of course, Palin will once again surge up, up, up, ahead in the polls.

Oh, the campaign of 2012 will differ somewhat of the one in 2008. In 2008 there was the economic collapse which Obama used to push fear down the throats of all (to which McCain responded wrongly as I’ve written in the past.) In 2012 there will be no economic collapse since the economy has been almost nonexistent from when Obama has taken office because of his endless spending and fear mongering. And it all rests squarely on Obama’s shoulders.

Additionally there won’t be anyone on top of Palin pulling the strings and whose instructions she must follow. Palin will be free to be 100% Palin, posting her opinions on her Facebook page and leading the campaign as she sees fit.

After all, she’s done this in the past and has sure gotten the know-how and experience in defeating the undefeatable. From facing an incumbent city council member, to a long-time mayor, a corrupt influential Governor, and a powerful former Governor, she beat them all against all odds.

The morning following her announcement and for many more mornings until 2012, will find the former successful governor calling out the unpopular president on his economic, foreign, and domestic policies. Suddenly Obama will no longer be the untouchable and unbeatable, but will have to defend his policies; something we all know is non-defendable.

As for the timing of her announcement, I may be wrong, but strongly believe it will come on August 29th 2011.

August 29 is three years to the day that Palin was introduced to the entire country as the vice presidential candidate to John McCain and the day of her first national address at her acceptance speech in Dayton, Ohio at which she introduced herself to all.

August 29 is also her 23rd Anniversary and is three days after the 91st anniversary of the nineteenth amendment which granted women the right to vote, thus allowing them to take their first steps into politics.

August 29 is two days before The Undefeated will be available through pay per view through satellite and cable and in DVD form in Wal-Mart. An announcement of a Sarah Palin run will cause record number purchases of the above on its opening day.

August 29 is four days before the tea party rally in Iowa, at which she is scheduled as a keynote speaker. No additional explanation necessary.

Additionally the documentary will be premiering in theaters all across the nation throughout September and an official announcement will cause its momentum to grow.

Some close advisors to Perry have leaked an announcement imminent at the end of August, so here’s my friendly advice. Palin will make her announcement the end of August and beating Palin’s announcement with a couple of days won’t get you far, for as soon as she makes it official, forget about anyone looking your way anytime soon. Just look at what happened to Obama twelve hours after his convention speech.

Palin has got over three million and two hundred and seven thousand supporters who are signed onto her Facebook page, thousands who write positive comments about her, dozens of blogs devoted to her accomplishments, and tens of thousands who’ve donated to the cause, who are waiting for her announcement and are ready to take action to help her reach the winning line.

It’s a ticking time bomb, waiting for the explosive moment.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.