Civility Strikes from the Beltway PLUS a shocking cartoon from a Tucson Cartoonist

When writing about civility it would be amiss not to mention the civility from the crowds in Washington right after the Tucson shooting when the entire liberal media from The Daily Kos to Politico attacked the Tea Parties, conservatives, talk show hosts, and Palin as responsible for the horrific shooting.

The media didn’t stand alone in their cries for civility. The entire Democratic political machine starting from Obama at his talk in Tucson demanded civility and a toning down from the Republicans.

As if the above wasn’t enough, some Republicans joined the nonsense noise demanding a tone down and one Republican senator went so far as to blame the town halls, cable TV and talk radio.

All this resulted in the joke of increased civility through the mixed seating during the “state of the union address” as though that really caused a civil tone between the two parties.

It seems that the seating arrangement can now be credited for causing many Senators and Congressmen and women in having become good friends and examples of civility.

Yes, the Democrats teamed up with the beltway Republicans and civilly denounced the tea partiers and hard core conservatives, who are the true friends of the people, as people wanting to take away social security from the elderly and destroy America’s credit rating.

Anyone seeking the definition of a circus merely has to glance back at the actions and reactions the last couple of weeks not only of the media and the liberals but of the entire group of Mr. Civilities comprised mainly of Democrats and Beltway Republicans.

The Tea Party members dared speak the truth with their demands of Washington to curb the spending and to stop selling phony deals with the simple explanation that even without an increase to our budget our debt is unsustainable and the coming generations won’t be able to pay it off.

This was reason enough to snap the members of the civility club from congress and across America into action.

The civility crowd in Washington has actually pulled off a stunning feat, the likes of which has never been seen or done before.

They named the Tea Party Republicans “hostage takers” and “terrorists” without any remorse or apology while simultaneously slamming the usage of the term “terrorist” in situations truly applicable.

When one nutcase in Norway set off a bomb and shot innocent people fingers immediately pointed to right wingers and Christianity as guilty. It didn’t matter that the Facebook page the media pumped all over in which the killer identified himself as a conservative and Christian as proof of his beliefs turned out to be a fake and was removed from Facebook.

On the flip side of the issue, although hundreds of Muslims have committed violence in the name of Allah in the past, when several Muslims committed violence right here in the USA, the civility crowd worked overtime to ensure no one dare suggest that even a minority of the Muslim religion supports terror and violence.

From the very top of the civility callers, Obama has repeatedly called the Republicans “hostage takers” and Vice President Joe Biden lashed out against the tea party Republicans Monday accusing them of having “acted like terrorists.”

Biden also encouraged Democrats to vote for the deal saying it would take “the weapons of mass destruction” out of the hands of the tea party and that the Republicans had “guns to their heads” making it difficult to seek a compromise.

These were not isolated attacks that slipped out of their mouths and were followed with profuse apologies, although that too would’ve been bad enough. Rather, this is part of a calculated strategy from those that hate the tea party to brand them as terrorists who seek to destroy the country.

Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) has proclaimed that “We have negotiated with terrorists,” that “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money,” and told Politico that “They have no compunction about blowing up the economy to get what they want.”

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) called the deal a “Satan sandwich.”

Here’s a transcript from a mantage Rush Limbaugh played h/t the Free Republic.

STENY HOYER: The Republicans are holding hostage the credit of the United States of America.

DEBBIE “BLABBERMOUTH” SCHULTZ: …our Republican colleagues to hold our economy hostage.

DINGY HARRY: The Republican Party is holding our economy hostage.

CHUCK-U SCHUMER: It didn’t say, “Hold America hostage.”

LOUISE SLAUGHTER: …hold the debt ceiling hostage.

SHELDON WHITEHOUSE: One party is holding the country hostage.

JOHN OLVER: The debt limit has never before been held hostage.

BARBARA LEE: Republicans are holding our economy hostage.

EARL BLUMENAUER: …willing to take hostage the debt ceiling.

JASON ALTMIRE: Stop holding America’s credit rating hostage.

ROSA DeLAURO: The Republican majority continues to hold the American economy hostage.

CHRIS VAN HOLLEN: Let’s not hold the entire American economy hostage.

JOHN LARSON: …ideological HOSTAGE situation…

LLOYD DOGGETT: The only belt they’re really tightening is right around the neck of those hostages.

JAMES CLYBURN: Holding the American economy hostage.

JESSE JACKSON, JR.: This President is being treated differently!

SPEAKER PRO-TEM: (gavel banging)

JACKSON: No other President has been stuck up, shook down, or held hostage!

This list is by far not a complete list of the Democratic politicians who have referred to Tea Party Conservatives as terrorists and hostage takers without seeing anything wrong with the terminology and without receiving a scolding from the moderates and peace lovers.

And of course the media didn’t find it necessary to condemn the dangerous rhetoric, since it delighted in the opportunity to join the game and continue to build on it.

The New York Times called the GOP “hostage takers” for the bipartisan deal that has been reached last week.

The Wall Street Journal called the Tea Party “hobbits” and John McCain found it necessary to read it aloud on the Senate floor.

Chris Matthews found it necessary to remind everyone on the day of Giffords return that she was injured because of the “violent level of the right-wing” and the tea party groups, and compared the Tea Party Republicans to baby-kidnappers and terrorists because of their opposition to the debt deal.

To top it all off, Newsbusters made a shocking discovery which went entirely unnoticed by the media; a political cartoonist from a Tucson Newspaper, from all the places, fantasized about Obama Sending SEALs to Assassinate Tea Party Republicans!

Tucson cartoonist sending seals to Tea Party congressmen

So I ask this of those of you carrying the flag of civility.

Have you ever seen on Palin’s Facebook page similar language? Do you have a single audio of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Dennis Prager or other conservatives calling the left terrorists and kidnappers?

Where have all the moderates and civility supporters both from the right and the left disappeared to? Is it uncivil to denounce this hateful and dangerous rhetoric against honest civil people trying to get this country out of debt?

They are usually the first ones grabbing the microphones and letting their opinion be heard whether by the Times Square bomber, the Fort Hood Shooting, and everywhere in between. Why don’t they take over the floor in the House and the Senate denouncing and demanding an apology of those spewing this hate-filled talk for inciting violence? How can they in good conscience join these hate-filled people in meetings and compromises disregarding their destructive choice of words?

The last several weeks have been the ultimate symbol of civility, unity, and compromise in their attacks against the tea party.

The civility crowd’s silence announced loud and clear their belief that civility is a one-way street.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.