Shockwaves hit NYC from the liberal epicenter; Democrat Ed Koch endorses Republican Bob Turner for Weiner’s seat!

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In the upcoming special election between Bob Turner (R) and David Weprin (D) for Weiner’s former seat NY-9, which will occur September 13th, Turner’s campaign has just received a push forward.

The endorsement from Ed Koch, a former liberal Mayor of NYC, for Bob Turner — the Republican candidate and a true conservative is the latest in a whole lot of other reasons why Turner has a strong chance in winning the election as discussed in my previous article; NY-9: Do you really need David Weprin who used swastikas against his opponent and dumped his religious values to promote himself?

Ed Koch’s endorsement for Turner also changed the election from a mere congress seat to a referendum on Obama and his economic policies. A vote for Turner is a vote against Obama and his entire political machine.

Most of us can’t support him with our votes, but we can show him support through donations to his campaign, which can be done at his website right over here. Anything sent will aid and enable him to fight the Democratic political machine of New York who is out to do their utmost to destroy him.

Bob Turner can also be followed on twitter.

Stay tuned for the latest on this special election, and let’s hope that the right guy wins!

Below is a re-post of my previous article for those of you who’ve missed it.

David Weprin has been announced as the Democratic candidate for Anthony Weiner’s seat in the special elections this September. NY-9 includes parts of Queens and Brooklyn, which has a large Jewish population, so the Democrats hope that a Jewish candidate will be able to coast to victory.

Weprin ran last year for Assembly in a special election against another Jew, Bob Friedrich, who received the Republican nomination and championed for conservative values. Several days before the election, Weprin sent out a mailing to an area with a mostly Jewish population in which the image of a swastika was photo-shopped onto a crime scene, and accused Friedrich as “Extreme” because he “Doesn’t Think Hate Crimes Deserve Special Punishment.”  With the use of the swastika, Weprin attacked Friedrich in a calculated manner, targeting Friedrich’s Jewishness and the Jewishness of the voters to prove his opponent’s supposed nonchalance towards hate crimes.

mailing Weprin sent out in last campaign


In truth, Friedrich had said that “all crimes are hate crimes” for whenever a crime is committed there is hatred in the criminal. The decision to label certain hates as eligible for harsher punishments results in leniency for all other hate-based crimes such as hate towards females, towards rich, or towards anything else. Friedrich also argued that “murder comes before hate crime” which is common sense! If one guy punches another person in the face and yells racial slurs while a different guy kills someone without a single word uttered, which one deserves a harsher sentence?

And if two guys assault two different people, one yelling racial slurs while the other remains silent, why should the sentences be different for the same crime? If assaulting someone is a crime, then any individual who assaults any other individual should be dealt with equal severity, no matter what he does or doesn’t yell. In supporting harsher sentencing for so-called hate crimes, one is actually supporting leniency for so-called regular crimes.

Hate crimes were actually invented by liberals in order to provide additional protection to certain groups whose votes are necessary for the left to win an election. Liberals are actually known to be soft on criminals, as seen in their opposition to the death sentence.

mailer from Werping to Friedrich

The mailing was sent to Friedrich’s house

Last year, when Weprin ran for Assembly, he was interviewed by many prominent Jewish newspapers in which he prided himself as a religious Jew who respects and values the Jewish traditions thereby receiving a large percentage of the Jewish voters

However, just a few weeks ago Weprin voted in the NY Assembly to legalize same-sex marriage, which is contrary to and forbidden according to Jewish law and which religious Jews have protested against. Weprin’s vote in support of the bill now exposed him as a JINO – a Jew In Name Only. As a religious Jewish New Yorker myself, although not in his district, I was appalled at his vote for and support of the gay marriage bill. . The editor of the Hamodia expressed his surprise and shock at Weprin’s false self-portrayal last year, just as Stupak has done to voters in Michigan regarding abortion.

Before the vote took place he actually encouraged others to vote for it and prided himself in voting “yes” even though he’s Jewish. He may be Jewish, but obviously has no respect for the Jewish religion or its people. He then has the gall to claim he respects Judaism while promoting that which it forbids! Additionally, Weprin supports Roe vs. Wade which is also contrary to Jewish law.

Weprin defended his vote on same-sex marriage by referring to it a “civil right issue”, and that it didn’t mandate his Rabbi or others to actually perform such marriages and is therefore unrelated to religion.

How dare he compare it to the backbreaking labor slaves were enforced to endure in the bitter cold and scorching heat day in and day out? How does voting against the legalization of gay marriage compare to forbidding individuals to eat in a restaurant, take their kids to a park, or ride a bus only because of the color of their skin?

Oh, of course the law doesn’t mandate anything, one just got to wait until a Pastor or Rabbi refuses to officiate a gay wedding and is then takes to court for discriminatory charges.

Unfortunately, the Conservative movement is minimal in New York and hasn’t done much last year to fight back to Weprin’s outrageous attacks, or educate the voters especially within the Jewish community the truth regarding Weprin. The district is ranked as +5 Democrat which makes it the second most conservative district of New York. Although most residents share the Conservative ideology specifically regarding foreign affairs and social issues, many are not registered voters, while a considerable percentage that are registered don’t bother voting, because it’s liberal New York and they don’t believe their votes could possibly make a difference.

It is therefore necessary to educate the constituents of the NY-9th district and the rest of New York about the truth of their candidates and elected officials, such as Weprin’s support for the extension of the millionaires’ tax which negatively affects the state’s economy, an increase on cigarettes tax, as well as his pro-abortion stance which is contrary to Jewish law. Voters must be told not to despair but to unite and fight the politicians who don’t represent the community and the people’s interest, economically, socially, or otherwise.

Fortunately, the Republican Party has nominated an articulate conservative, Bob Turner, to challenge Weprin. Bob Turner is a staunch pro-lifer who promises to fight for federal spending cuts and tax cuts in order to get the economy rolling once again. He’s a retired successful business owner who ran in 2010 against the then popular incumbent, Weiner, because no one else was willing to take Weiner up on his record, and received about 40% of the votes.

Weiner is the second New York representative this year who’s been forced to resign because of immoral conduct, and it’s time for New Yorkers to recognize that they deserve better Representatives who respect their position and share the values of the people At a time when the citizens are disgusted and ashamed with their representatives it is prudent to do all one can to support Bob Turner through donations, volunteering, and spreading the word so that a conservative like Turner should have the ability to fight the Democratic machine and emerge  victorious in the special elections this September.

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