Obama wants to tax Jet Owners; how about taxing Jacuzzi Owners?

The president has in an underhanded manner just set a new tone in the country.

Until now, there have been dozens of debates over the merits of flat tax versus fair tax, or income tax versus sales tax.

Of course the liberals promoted both a sales and income tax, so as not to discriminate between consumers and business owners.

Obama however brought taxing to a new level. Regardless of the amount of income, sales, and all other taxes people pay; those that own a certain luxurious item such as a private jet should be required to pay additional taxes because of that item.

The hilarity of Obama’s new dream tax is the notion that owning certain (supposedly) luxury item throws all its owners in one category.

How about, besides for the private jet owners Obama hasn’t stopped criticizing, he should add additional luxury items and its owners to the waiting-to-be-taxed list? It’s getting kind of boring to hear him repeat the same argument so many times.

How about waging war against individuals with Jacuzzis built into their homes?

All Jacuzzi owners must be millionaires, billionaires or at least executives who sit in their Jacuzzis all day while the rest of the country is struggling to pay their grocery bills. Why not tax them an additional two or three percent on top of what they’re already paying? They can afford to help eliminate America’s fourteen trillion dollar debt.  There, that might even get them out of their Jacuzzis.

How about luxury car owners?

Come to think of it, who will decide what’s considered luxurious? Obama can set a tax on every type of car.

Who else should pay for the Arab nations which supply us with the oil if not those that use it to drive their cars? It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, homeless or own ten homes, if you own a Honda, no matter how beaten up it is, you should be required to pay an extra — say 2.8 percent. The same is to those with a Lexus jeep; even if you’re on food stamps and Medicaid. If you can afford the car you’ve got to be able to pay your taxes. He can demand from BMW owners an additional in taxes while anyone with Aodi’s should pay 2.6%. And so on and so forth.

Especially tax worthy can be gas guzzling vehicles or large jeeps and vans that are polluting the planet according to bogus scientists. Isn’t it only logical that these people should be forced to chip in even more because the government bans drilling and opts instead to hands out two billion dollars to Brazil so they can drill there? Why shouldn’t an American driving a beautiful BMW pay for that donation?

For those of you who consider yourselves as the real middle class or even unemployed and don’t own any luxury items so there’s no need for concern from your part…….I bet you didn’t think of this one!

On the census sheets we were all required to fill out last year, one of the questions struck me as funny; does this house, apartment, or mobile home have a flush toilet?

Perhaps the real reason the government needs the answer to this question is to figure out whether flush toilets can be considered a luxury item and what percentage the tax can be set at.

Sounds ludicrous? How are individuals that own private jets any different? In the left’s attempts to make all equal, they are simply trying to force everyone to give up all their valuables and luxuries until everyone will be equally poor and consider their toilets a luxury.

Notice also, that no matter the type of home, the question lumps all toilet owners into one category. Imagine a real estate broker trying to pull this onto a potential buyer.

Until then, enjoy life and enjoy flushing.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.