Was there Global Warming in 1936? in 2011? How is it that the 75 year Record has not yet been Broken?

When trying to talk to global warming believers about its falseness, one usually hits a brick wall and deaf ears.

When massive snowstorms and blizzards hit the entire United States during the winter, the scientists changed the name of the game to climate change all the while arguing that the increased heat was actually the cause of colder winters and more snow.

Several summers ago when the heat proved to be pretty mild, that too didn’t indicate anything contrary to global warming.

Without any care whether the weather participates with their studies, the global warming instigators and believers are uninterested in debate or in an honest search for the truth.

The following news, therefore, reported by the Daily Mail last week didn’t come as too great of a surprise. BBC Trust report urges a reduction to the amount of air-time allotted to global warming skeptics and deniers since a consensus has been reached amongst most scientists about the truth of global warming.

Is it possible to cut through the density and explain to liberals that they are falling for one of the greatest hoax and myths of mankind? That in order to squelch the truth scientists must resort to calling those opposing the myth deniers as though they’re denying some evil atrocity?

Perhaps it can be done in the following manner.

The media is constantly dramatically announcing weather-breaking record, as they’ve done this past Friday in New York City. The choking heat measured at 104 degrees which broke all previous records of the city besides for a recording of 106 degrees in 1936. The media and those supporting global warming expect us to be overwhelmed with emotion over the record-breakings and focus at the almost never before experienced heat.

Attention all liberals:

Drop the hype and emotion and use some logic.

In 1936 nuclear energy has not yet invented, cars weren’t as commonplace as today, majority of the houses didn’t have air conditioning, and plane trips were considered a luxury. And the weather hit the never-yet beaten figure of 106 degrees!

So, while the media is enveloped in hysteria over the heat of the moment and its proof that Al Gore is right, it is actually proving the foolishness and nonsense of his theory since it was hotter in 1936 than now without all the cars and other supposed global warming causers.

On what do the scientists blame the previous heats? Why have they decided that we humans are suddenly to blame?

I don’t live in fantasy land and doubt this will convince too many believers since they refuse to listen to anyone that disagrees with them as seen in BBC’s decision to limit debate, but for those undecided it might cause them to step back and think again.

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.