Liberal Drone Attacks on America are Unconstitutional

Ron Paul and the far left of the liberal blogosphere are constantly criticizing the drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan as unconstitutional.

In their involvement of the drones overseas, they overlook an entire fleet of liberal drones operating right here on our shores.

Although there are several different models and makes of the liberal drone, the most popular and most commonly spotted models are those under thirty, those that never bothered creating anything out of their lives, and those born with silver spoons in their mouths.

These liberal drones swoop down and attack countless people including employers, employees, successful executives, the rich, the happy, the religious, and those with values. People who’ve been innocently enjoying their lives until these liberal drones attacked and wrought damage on them and the entire country.

Surprisingly, majority of these drones are financed and fly at the expense of those they attack. A large percentage of these drones – such as many college students — receive free insurance, food, education amongst other freebies.

I therefore felt it vitally important to research the status of these liberal drones and the constitutionality of their attacks in the hope that the left will pick up the lead and take over, since the left is known for their deep love and defense of constitutional principles as seen in their fight against drone attacks overseas.

Liberal drone attacks is not a recent technology that has been invented only the lasts several decades.

Several hundred years ago hundreds of people traveled months on rickety boats across the unknown ocean in search for freedom and in escape of oppression from their current leaders. Although these people settled hundreds of miles away from their European homelands, the colonies were taxed and controlled by the English.

As is well-known, the colonists protested the European dominance, dumped the tea over the Boston Harbor, and eventually won the war for independence against the mighty English.

Although the United States has won their freedom from foreign powers in 1783, it has faced and continues to face increasingly stronger and greater damage-causing attacks from within of liberal drones attempting to limit individual freedom.

Less than a century later, Abraham Lincoln, a staunch conservative, fought for the freedom of African Americans, against the liberals who fought the end of slavery, causing the war with the largest loss of American lives in the entire American history.

Today, over a century later, and the liberals are glossing over their support of slavery and segregation instead presenting themselves as the champions for the rights of all.

Not included in the “rights of all” is the economic sector of our country where companies actually dare make money whether through mining for coal, building nuclear plants, or drilling for oil and gas on American land and water. Of course, the liberals have donned their opposition to energy independence in the cloak of saving the planet, first from global warming and then from climate change.

Rather, “rights for all” is defined by promoting the drilling of oil and other energy producing efforts in other countries through billions of U.S. dollars thrown their way to support those efforts. How heartwarming!

The liberals then progressed to the health care sector of this great nation which was, and still is so far, the most advanced and sophisticated in the entire world, but is becoming increasingly more and more like the European models.

Knowing an open attack to destroy healthcare as it was known would expose their true intentions and lead to nowhere, they advanced in a stealthy underhanded manner. They first began with trial lawyers and lawsuits against doctors amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars which caused doctor fees and health care fees to rise dramatically.

Next, the interstate purchase of health insurance was banned, thus limiting people’s options, which led to skyrocketing healthcare policies with lesser services. Additionally, they increased the number of Medicaid recipients which drove the cost of private insurance over the roof sine the hospitals and health care centers were forced to overcharge the private insurance companies in order to compensate for the unpaid percentages of the Medicaid patients.

Lastly, they turned a blind eye towards the millions of illegals smuggling across the borders to give birth to their children and use our emergency rooms for any and every illness. When common-sense conservatives promote the closing of the open borders and install a sense of order, the left then has the chutzpah to protest and fight for “the rights of all.”

And with insurance premiums suddenly unaffordable, the drones, in their fight for healthcare for all, were able to drop their 250,000 pound bomb of Obamacare onto the heads of the citizens without it being shot back at them.

Conservatives have recently begun a campaign to enforce voters ID in order to eliminate the massive frauds of duplicate votes, illegal votes, and dead votes occurring across the country. Of course, the liberals, champions of “rights for all” pounced upon it as racists, hateful, and un-American, as though cheating, stealing, and aiding criminals is the epitome of Americanism.

The liberals haven’t stopped with anything whether with demonizing Wall Street where people invested in stocks, lambasting speculators who set prices based on supply and demand, or private jet owners who actually value their time, have meetings to attend, and had enough of endless airport lines, TSA screenings, flight delays, lost luggage, and additional airline charges for every basic necessity.

In the current debates over spending cuts, the left wishes to cut one of the only expenses which the constitution clearly defines as a federal right, the right to build a military to defend this country. Of all the trillions spent in endless federal programs such as affordable housing (which caused the entire housing market to inflate out of control) many of which are questionably constitutionally correct, this constitutional right is what the left deems too expensive and want it should amount to a significant chunk of the spending cuts.

Indeed, the liberal drones have dropped their bombs in every corner of this great nation, without a hoot to the damage caused to those hit and injured. Neither do the higher ups controlling the drones care for the condition of the fleet of drones since they have a never ending supply of college graduates and illegals lining up to join their ranks. Young people who unfortunately never had the time and brains to research what’s truly right or wrong.

As Winston Churchill had said; “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” This is because liberals act upon emotion rather than logic despite it often causing damage and destruction. They will follow their feelings often against the good of their country, thus flying unmanned, without a pilot or brain leading the way. Instead of seeking to build businesses thereby increasing jobs and strengthening the economy, they weaken the economy, lower the value of the dollar, and destroy the health care system.

If socialism, communism, or European style democracy is what they wish for, why don’t they just take the entire fleet and fly to the country of their choice!

Abie Rubin blogs at TheThinkingVoter.blogspot.com and can be followed on twitter.